Detailed Syllabus:

Introductory Concepts

Basic Cryptographic Techniques, One Time Pad

Mathematical Background: Shannon’s Theory, Computational Complexity, Finite Fields, Number Theory

Luby Rackoff’s Construction and the Feistel Cipher

Concept of Pseudo-Random Functions

Standard Ciphers: DES and AES

Attack Models for Ciphers: Linear, Differential, Impossible Differential, Slide Attacks

Design of Substitution Boxes (S-Boxes)

How to do software implementations of ciphers in modern day processors?

Public Key Cryptosystems: One way and Trapdoor Functions

Cryptanalysis: Intractable (Hard) Problems

Key Exchange: The Diffie Hellman Case

Hash Functions: SHA-1, Keyed Hash Functions

Message Authentication and Signatures

Design Rationale of Protocols

Attacks on Protocols

Side Channel Cryptanalysis

Text Books:

Cryptography and Network Security, by William Stallings

Cryptography Theory and Practice, Third Edition, by Douglas Stinson

Other materials will be announced/distributed as the class progresses.

Evaluation Procedure

Assignments: 10 marks

Term Project / Quiz (if class strength > 40):: 10 marks

Mid Semester Examination : 30 marks

End Term Examination : 50 marks

Presentations for the class:



Introduction to Number Theory

Probability and Information Theory

Shannon's Theory: I and II

Shannon's Theory : III

Classical Cryptosystems

Cryptanalysis of Classical Cryptosystems

Symmetric Key Cryptosystems: SPN Ciphers, The Feistel Cipher

Modern Block Cipher Standards (DES)

Modern Block Cipher Standards (AES)

Linear Cryptanalysis

Differential Cryptanalysis

Few Other Cryptanalytic Techniques

An Overview on SBox Design Principles

Modes of Block Cipher Operations

Classification of Stream Ciphers

Berlekamp Massey Algorithm

Stream Ciphers (Contd.)


Cryptographic Hash functions

Cryptographic Hash functions (Contd.)

Message Authentication Codes

Some More Number Theoretic Results

Asymmetric Ciphers: The RSA Cryptosystem

Primality Testing


Some Comments on the Security of RSA

Discrete Logarithm Problem and the Diffie Hellman Algorithm

Cryptographic Protocols: An Insight into how to build a secured network

Important Papers

The Square Cipher and Square Attack (Refer Section 6)

Examination Questions:

First Class Test

First Class Test Solutions

Mid Semester Examination

Mid Semester Solutions