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Public-key Cryptography
Theory and Practice

First Edition
Publisher:Pearson Education
Publication date:April 2009

Public-key Cryptography: Theory and Practice provides a comprehensive treatment of public-key cryptosystems and the associated cryptanalytic techniques. The books starts with a huge collection of mathematical tools necessary for understanding this area. Subsequently, the theory of cryptosystems based on the integer factoring problem and on various variants of the discrete logarithm problem is developed. The book then compiles IEEE and RSA-Lab standards on public-key cryptography. The book ends with a study of pactical cryptanalytic techniques like side-channel attacks and backdoor attacks, and of the implications of quantum computation on cryptography.

Symmetric cryptography (block ciphers, stream ciphers and hash functions) are handled in an appendix. Another appendix deals with key exchange in sensor networks.

The book contains a collection of over 300 exercises. Hints are provided for some difficult exercises.

The book is meant for graduate students and practitioners of cryptography. The book may be followed in undergraduate courses too. The topics of the book are graded according to their level of difficulty (unstarred, singly starred, doubly starred).