CS29003 Algorithms Laboratory Autumn 2016, L-T-P: 0-0-3


Instuctor     Arobinda Gupta and Abhijit Das
Timing     Wednesday 02:00pm–05:00pm
Venue     CIC
Teaching Assistants     Ankan Mullick, Anurag Anand, Bidisha Samanta, Kulkarni Bhushan Sanjay, Sandesh C, Sanket Kedia, Soumajit Pramanik, Subhrangsu Mandal

Programming Assignments

# Topic Start date Due date More info
Warm-up Assignment Design your algorithm first 20-July-2016 20-July-2016 Solution | Reference
Assignment 1 Searching and sorting 27-July-2016 27-July-2016 Sample Input | Solution
Assignment 2 Binary trees 03-August-2016 03-August-2016 Sample Input | Solution
Assignment 3 Height-balanced binary search trees 10-August-2016 10-August-2016 Sample Input | Solution | Reference
Assignment 4 Heaps and priority queues 17-August-2016 17-August-2016 Sample Input | Solution | Supplement
Assignment 5 Hashing 24-August-2016 24-August-2016 Sample Input | Solution: openaddr.c, chaining.c
Assignment 6 Sorting and order statistics 31-August-2016 31-August-2016 Sample Input | Solution | Reference
Assignment 7 Practical performance of algorithms 07-September-2016 07-September-2016 Why are these quick-sort codes much faster than yours?
Solution 1 | Solution 2
Assignment 8 Greedy algorithms 28-September-2016 28-September-2016 Sample Data | Solution
Assignment 9 Dynamic-programming algorithms 05-November-2016 05-November-2016 Program 1 | Program 2
Assignment 10 Divide-and-conquer, dynamic programming 19-October-2016 19-October-2016 Sample Input | Solution
Assignment 11 Graph representation and traversal 26-October-2016 26-October-2016 Samples | Solution
Assignment 12 Graph connectivity 02-November-2016 02-November-2016 Sample Input | Solution
Lab Test Dynamic programming 09-November-2016 09-November-2016 Solution
Assignment 13 Algorithm design 16-November-2016 (not for submission) Download algobit.o: for gcc | for g++

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