CS29003 Algorithms Laboratory Autumn 2017, L-T-P: 0-0-3


Instructor     Pawan Goyal and Abhijit Das
Timing     Thursday 02:00pm–05:00pm (Lab Slot: N)
Venue     CIC
Teaching Assistants     Chinmaya Pancholi, Divyansh Gupta, Papia Mahato, Saptarshi Pal, Snigdha Das, Soumya C, and Subhrangsu Mandal.

Programming Assignments

# Topic of Assignment Start date Due date More information
Assignment 0 Exponential versus Polynomial Running Times 20-July-2017 20-July-2017 Supplement, Solution
Assignment 1 Divide-and-Conquer Algorithms 27-July-2017 27-July-2017 Black box: gcc, g++ | Solution
Assignment 2 Greedy Algorithms 03-August-2017 03-August-2017 A bigger example | Solution
Assignment 3 Dynamic Programming 10-August-2017 10-August-2017 Black box: gcc, g++ | Solution
Assignment 4 Binary Trees 17-August-2017 17-August-2017 A bigger example | Solution
Assignment 5 Heaps and Priority Queues 24-August-2017 27-August-2017 Solution
Assignment 6 Binary Search Trees 31-August-2017 31-August-2017 A bigger example | Solution | Faster rebalancing (Wiki link)
Assignment 7 More on Data Structures 07-September-2017 07-September-2017 A bigger example | Solution
Assignment 8 Hash tables 05-October-2017 05-October-2017 Solution: Assignment version | With added features
Assignment 9 Linear-time sorting 12-October-2017 12-October-2017 Solution
Assignment 10 Strings and sequences 26-October-2017 26-October-2017 Bigger examples | External link | Solution
LAB TEST Syllabus: Up to Assignment 9 02-November-2017 02-November-2017 Solution: Odd, Even | Evaluation
Assignment 11 Graphs 09-November-2017 09-November-2017 Bigger example | Solution

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