Keynote I:

Data Protection in the Cloud
Speaker: Pierangela Samarati
Cloud computing is changing the way we access, manage, and use data and services. While convenient for functionalities and economy of scale, cloud computing clearly raises data protection issues. In fact, data are stored and managed outside the direct control of their data owner by external parties that may not be fully trusted and may not be entitled to known the actual data themselves. The problem of maintaining data confidentiality and integrity entails therefore new challenges in such scenario. In this talk, I will illustrate different issues related to the problem of protecting data in the cloud, and discuss some emerging solutions and research directions.
About the speaker:
Pierangela Samarati’s research interests are in the main area of security and privacy. In particular, she is interested in information privacy, data protection, access control policies, models and systems, information system security, inference control, and information protection in general. She is currently involved as Principal Investigator for the University of Milan on the “Privacy and Protection of Personal Data” project, a project funded by the Italian Ministry of Research (MIUR).