Workshop VI:

Enabling Security Offload Accelerator in User Space
Speaker: Yashpal
Ever increasing traffic requirements coupled with increasing security processing requirements and demand for lower power consumptions are pushing hardware requirements beyond the capabilities of general purpose processors. As a results the product developers are increasingly having to rely on offload accelerators. However use of offload accelerators brings its own challenges in terms of programmability and customization, something product developers don’t like at all. Freescale has taken initiative by enhancing the standard OpenSSL solution to use Freescale’s offload crypto accelerators, thereby enabling the product developer to seamlessly migrate their work built on top of OpenSSL to any different platform. In this paper we present the approach and the roadmap that Freescale has defined for itself.
About the speaker:
Yashpal holds a B.E. in electronics and communications from Delhi College of Engineering and has 10 years experience as an embedded-software developer. Working with Freescale Semiconductors as a Lead Design Engineer in Networking and multimedia group since 2005 in Multicore, Security, Networking applications, Networking stack functionality and performance area under Linux and bare-metal application over Power Architecture. Development scenario constituted self-hosted and virtualized environment under Freescale hypervisor. Prior to Multicore development, involved in Ethernet drivers, USB Host and gadget drivers, SDIO drivers development and design of various embedded networking security solutions. Prior to Freescale, worked with Conexant Systems for Embedded WiFi client card development and C-DoT for Embedded software development for Telecom switches.