Workshop IV:

Factors in Mitigating Insider Threats
Christian W. Probst
Speaker: Christian W. Probst
Organizations face many threats that coarsely can be separated in inside threats and outside threats. Threats from insiders are especially hard to counter since insiders have special knowledge and privileges. Therefore, malicious insider actions are hard to distinguish from benign actions. In this tutorial we will discuss definitions of insiders and insider threats, and possible mitigation approaches. After covering theoretical models for identification and mitigation of insider threats, we will introduce a training approach to raise awareness inside of organizations.
About the speaker:
Christian W. Probst is an Associate Professor in the Language-Based Technology section of the Department of Informatics and Mathematical Modeling at the Technical University of Denmark. His main research interests are in the areas of programming languages, optimizing compilers, and abstract machines, as well as modelling and analysis of systems.