Workshop VII:

Secure Boot on QorIQ Platform
Sudhanshu Mittal
Speaker: Sudhanshu Mittal
With the proliferation of networking devices, security has become a critical aspect of any network system. Security includes being able to boot from a secure image, being able to use secure keys and being able to prevent a hacker from taking over the system. In this presentation we talk about the secure boot capabilities of QorIQ platform and how those can be used by a user to prevent unauthorized access to the system.
About the speaker:
Sudhanshu Mittal completed B. Tech in Electrical Engineering from ITBHU in 1990. Has total of 22+ years of industry experience in various roles. Have led teams working on different technologies like SCSI, Networking, Printer and general BSP development. Currently leading team in Freescale that is focused on different technologies like Trust Architecture, Virtualization and Security support in SDK using Freescale’s offload accelerators.