Complex Networks (CS60078)

Spring Semester 2012

Instructor: Animesh Mukherjee (

Adjunct faculty: Sitabhra Sinha

Teaching Assistant: Rishiraj Saha Roy (, Hiwale Rohit Ramesh ( and Yatendra Dalal (

Class Timings: Monday, Thursday and Friday 4:30 -- 5:30 (AN)
Location: Room 107, CSE
Ofice of the Instructor: Room 102, CSE

Course Rules
  1. A blog discussing everyday course lectures (each day there will be one or two students who will be incharge of rolling on the disucssion) shall be hosted. This should be a real discussion of the topic taught and not just a reiteration of "clasroom notes". New materials can also be exchanged over the blog. Any malpractice on the blog shall lead to immeadiate deregistration of the candidate trapped. The TA shall co-ordinate the blog.
  2. Group email shall be hosted.
  3. Term papers (one or two term papers will be part of the exam and will be presented). Rest shall appear for viva-voce.
  4. Term projects (Results and report before midsem; viva-voce and final report before endsem).
  5. Scribes (Each scribe to be submitted within one week from the lecture). In case of failure, a significant portion of the marks shall be deduducted and the deduction is directly proportional to the number of days of delay after the deadline.
  6. Required attendance (>80%). Attendance shall be marked twice. Once before midsem and once before endsem. Failue to maintain the required attendance shall directly lead to loss of marks and deregistration.

Marks Division
  1. Midsem: 20%
  2. Term project/Term paper/Scribe (any one): 30%
  3. Attendance and class performance: 10%
  4. Contribution to the blog: 5%
  5. Endsem: 35%

The power-law blog

Blog Assignments

Term Projects
Email yours choices to Rishiraj Saha Roy

Complete Scribe

  1. Networks: An Introduction, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2010.
  2. Evolution of Networks, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2003.
  3. The structure and function of complex networks, SIAM Review 45, 167-256, 2003.
  4. Statistical mechanics of complex networks, Rev. Mod. Phys., 74(1), 2002.
  5. Further references can be found on the course page of Dr. Niloy Ganguly.