Dr. Pallab Dasgupta
Email: pallab[AT]cse[DOT]iitkgp[DOT]ernet[DOT]in

Dr. Partha Pratim Chakrabarti
Email: ppchak[AT]cse[DOT]iitkgp[DOT]ernet[DOT]in

Dr. Soumyajit Dey
Assistant Professor,
Email: soumya[AT]cse[DOT]iitkgp[DOT]ernet[DOT]in

Dr. Aritra Hazra
Assistant Professor,
Email: aritrah[AT]cse[DOT]iitkgp[DOT]ernet[DOT]in

Current PhD Students: Top

Sumana Ghosh
PhD, Formal Methods Laboratory
Email: sumanaghosh[AT]cse[DOT]iitkgp[DOT]ernet[DOT]in

Rajorshee Raha
PhD, Formal Methods Laboratory,
Email: rajorshee[DOT]raha[AT]cse[DOT]iitkgp[DOT]ernet[DOT]in

Antonio A. Bruto Da Costa
PhD, Formal Methods Laboratory
Email: bruto[AT]cse[DOT]iitkgp[DOT]ernet[DOT]in

Rajib Lochan Jana
PhD, Formal Methods Laboratory
Email: jlrajib[DOT]cse[AT]gmail[DOT]com

Saurav Kumar Ghosh
PhD, Formal Methods Laboratory
Email: saurav{dot}kumar{dot}ghosh{at}cse{dot}iitkgp{dot}ernet{dot}in

Sudipa Mandal
PhD, Formal Methods Laboratory
Email: sudipa[DOT]mandal[AT]cse[DOT]iitkgp[DOT]ernet[DOT]in

Thakkar Jay A.
PhD, Advanced Technology Development Centre
Formal Methods Laboratory
Email: jay1992[AT]atdc[DOT]iitkgp[DOT]ernet[DOT]in

Sayandeep Saha
PhD, Formal Methods Laboratory
Email: sahasayandeep[AT]cse[DOT]iitkgp[DOT]ernet[DOT]in

Sayandeep Sanyal
PhD, Formal Methods Laboratory
Department of CSE
Email: sayandeep[DOT]sanyal[AT]gmail[DOT]com

Current MS Students:   Top

Sunandan Adhikary
MS Student, Formal Methods Laboratory
Department of CSE
Email: mesunandan[AT]gmail[DOT]com

Former PhD Students:   Top

Dr. Antara Ain
Assertion Based Analysis of Mixed-Signal Systems
Email: antaraain[AT]gmail[DOT]com

Dr. Kamalesh Ghosh
Currently working in Synopsys
Automated Planning Based Methods for Early Verification of Reactive Control Systems

Dr. Aritra Hazra
Assistant Professor, IIT Kharagpur
Formal Methods for Architectural Power Intent Verification and Functional Reliability Analysis

Dr. Padmalochan Bera
Currently holding Faculty Position at IIT Bhubaneswar
Formal Analysis of Security Policy Implementations in Enterprise Networks

Dr. Priyankar Ghosh
Currently works in Synopsys India, Bangalore
Search Techniques for finding Alternative Solutions for AND/OR Graphs and Bi-objective Optimization Problems

Dr. Srobona Mitra
Currently Formal Verification Engineer at Synopsys India, Bangalore
Formal Methods for Aiding Verification of Local Design Changes in Digital Integrated Circuits

Dr. Rajkumar P.V.
Currently Post Doc fellow at the Institute for Cyber Security, Univ of Texas, San Antonio, USA
Formal and Semi-Formal Methods for Application Specific Usage Control and Security

Dr. Subhankar Mukherjee
Currently with Mentor Graphics, Bangalore
Assertions - from a mixed-signal perspective

Dr. Manoj Dixit
Currently with Mathworks, Bangalore - formerly at GM India Science Labs
Formal Methods for Early Time-Budgeting in Component-based Embedded Control

Dr. Arijit Mondal
Currently holding Faculty Position at IIT Patna
A symbolic event propagation approach for solving timing problems of digital circuits

Dr. Bhaskar Pal
Currentlyworking for Synopsys in Formal Verification
Formal and semi-formal verification methods with constrained random test benches

Dr. Suchismita Roy
Currently holding Faculty Position at NIT Durgapur
SAT Based Solutions for Timing and Power Estimation in Gate Level Circuits

Dr. Ansuman Banerjee
Currently holding Faculty Position at ISI Kolkta
Formal Methods for accelerating formal, semi-formal and dynamic property verification through novel specification styles

Dr. Sayantan Das
Currently working for Verific/Electra Design Automation Pvt Ltd
Formal Analysis of Property Specifications: Consistency, Coverage and Synthesis

Dr. Prasenjit Basu
Currently working for Samsung Research, Bangalore
Design Intent Verification by Formal Property Coverage

Dr. Jatin K. Deka
Currently holding Faculty Position at IIT Guwahati
Model checking techniques for Reasoning about Events and Extremal Properties in Timed Systems

Former MS Student:   Top

  • Shiladitya Ghosh
  • Debjit Pal
  • Sourashis Das
  • Rajdeep Mukhopadhyay
  • Anindyasundar Nandi
  • Sayak Ray
  • Pritam Ray
  • Debasmita Lohar