CS29003 Algorithms Laboratory Spring 2020, L-T-P: 0-0-3


Instructors     Aritra Hazra and Abhijit Das
Timing     Tuesday 02:00pm–5:00pm
Venue     PCLAB II and PCLAB V, CIC
Teaching Assistants     Aishwariya Chakraborty, Aniruddha Roy, Md Rasid Ali, Prajnamaya Dass, Pritam Pallab, Rahul Roy, Rishabh Waman Shahare, Shivangi Sharma, Shramona Chakraborty, Telang Onkar Ajay

Notices and Announcements

Assignments of the Algorithms Laboratory will be posted in this page. For other information, use the link given below.

CS21003 Algorithms – I: Spring 2020

Programming Assignments

No Topic Start date Due date More info
A0 Brush up your PDS skills 07-Jan-202007-Jan-2020 Solution
A1 Running times of algorithms 14-Jan-202014-Jan-2020 Solution: First problem, Second problem
A2 Recursive formulation of algorithms 21-Jan-202021-Jan-2020 Samples with permutations: 19, 24
Samples without permutations: 19, 24
     Permutations allowed
     Permutations removed (commented)
A3 Divide-and-conquer algorithms 28-Jan-202028-Jan-2020 Larger samples: 25, 50, 100
A4 Greedy algorithms 04-Feb-202004-Feb-2020 Larger samples | Solution
A5 Dynamic-programming algorithms 11-Feb-202011-Feb-2020 Larger samples | Inputs | Solution
A6 Binary trees and binary search trees 03-Mar-202003-Mar-2020 Larger samples | Solution
A7 Binary search trees 10-Mar-202010-Mar-2020 Larger samples | Solution
A8 Heaps and priority queues 24-Mar-202024-Mar-2020 Larger samples | Video: Local, Youtube | FAQ | Solution
A9 Applications of graph traversal 31-Mar-202031-Mar-2020 Larger samples | Video: Local, Youtube | Query form | Answers | Solution
A10 Shortest path problems in graphs 07-Apr-202007-Apr-2020 Larger samples | Video: Local, Youtube | Query form | Answers | Solution
Lab Test All of the above 28-Apr-202028-Apr-2020 Larger samples | Query form | Answers | Solution

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 CS29003 Algorithms Laboratory Spring 2020, L-T-P: 0-0-3