Object Oriented Programming with Java


Debasis Samanta

Associate Professor ,Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India

C  O  N  T  E  N  T  S


CHAPTER 1:   Fundamentals of Java

CHAPTER 2:   Programming in Java

CHAPTER 3:   Object Oriented Mechanism in Java

CHAPTER 4:    Interfaces and Packages in Java

CHAPTER 5:   Exception Handling in Java

CHAPTER 6:   Threads and Multithreading in Java

CHAPTER 7:   Application Development in Java

CHAPTER 8:   Java Input/Output and Networking

CHAPTER 9:   Java Multimedia

CHAPTER 10:   Java Swing


CHAPTER 12:   The Applet Package

CHAPTER 13:   The Java Language Package

CHAPTER 14:   The Java Utility Package

CHAPTER 15:   The Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) Package

CHAPTER 16:   The AWT Image Package

CHAPTER 17:   The AWT Peer Package

CHAPTER 18:   The Java I/O Package

CHAPTER 19:   The Java Networking Package


Java, the next generation of C++ is a better solution for object oriented programming. It includes all the essential features of C++ and eliminates all the redundant and error-prone features in C++. Java is a unique language and it has all the features which makes it the language of the 21st century. Java is best suitable for distributed programming where a program is not necessarily to be confined within a single PC rather it spreads from single user environment to main frame, to network, and to network of networks. Java, thus makes platform independent programming in heterogeneous environment. This is why, Internet people prefer to solve their problems with this totally new language.

Learning Java, no doubt is an added advantage to the career of any IT professional, but it is tough indeed. Following few challenges are mentioned which a novice in this Java environment may face :

  • It is based on object oriented programming concept.
  • Java programmer must have knowledge of C++ programming.
  • If contains so many diverse features that it is not a simple task to grasp within a quickest possible time.
  • Java is designed for Internet programming and hence demands the knowledge of Internet standard, protocol etc. as an essential prerequisite. Objective Objective is to cope up with all the above mentioned challenges.It is composed to cover the following topics with easy, relevant to the topics, and small but most effective illustrations :
  • Concept of object oriented programming.
  • Brief and to the point discussions on programming with C++.
  • Complete discussions for programming with Java.
  • Complete reference of Application programming interface (API) which is known to be very essential for quick reference, and for advanced Java Programmer. In the first week you'll learn about the Java language itself:

    Object Oriented Programming with Java.

    All the features of Java Programming are discussed in this part with ready to use programs. Here, the whole discussion is distributed over 9 chapters.

    API documentation :This part consists of 8 chapters where 8 Java packages are discussed with their full structures. This part is meant for advanced Java Programmers.