CS130 : Introduction to Computer Science (2 0 0 2)

Detailed Syllabus:

Introduction to CS and Eng is an introductory course of 1st year students to their profession. The course is typically taken by several faculty members, introducing the student to the profession. In this page you shall find some of the talks delivered by me and my colleagues during this course.

Presentations for the class:

Brief History of Computers

Numbers and Computers

Computer Systems-I

Computer Systems-II

Computer Systems-III

Computer Systems-IV

Computer Systems-V

Examinations for the class:

The evaluation for the course is split into two portions.

The first part will be a writing assignment, which is a set of 6 questions. Total marks for the assignment is 90. The answers to each of the 6 questions are to be written on separate A4 sheets and should not be more than 2 pages per question. The deadline of the submission is 19/11/2007. The deadline is strict and delayed submissions will not be evaluated. While submitting your solutions staple separately each of the six answers. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Submit the answers in my office BSB 347 at 11 AM in the morning of 19/11/2007.

The assignment sheet may be downloaded from the following link:

Writing Assignment

The second part of the evaluation will be a short test of 1 hour on 15.11.2007. The test shall carry 10 marks and comprise of multiple choice questions. The syllabus will be based on the topics discussed in the class throughout the course.