CS60094 Computational Number Theory Spring 2017

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General Information

Instructor: Abhijit Das
Time: Wednesday 12:00–12:55, Thursday 11:00–11:55, Friday 09:00–09:55 [Slot: E]
Venue: CSE-119
Teaching Assistants: Sonal Seth and Souvik Sur

Notices and Announcements


I will mercilessly assume that a student registering for this course is equipped with rudimentary knowledge of discrete mathematical structures (groups, rings, fields), algorithms (design and analysis techniques), and probability. Students lacking one or more of these backgrounds may find the exposition difficult to follow. I will, under no circumstances, entertain requests to cover these elementary topics in this course. Note, however, that no prior acquaintance with number theory (elementary, analytic, or algebraic) is necessary for attending this course.



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[11]      H. Cohen, A course in computational algebraic number theory, Springer-Verlag.

Exercises and tests

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