IC80109 (3-0-0) : Network Security

Detailed Syllabus (Cryptography):

Introductory Concepts: Overview (2 classes)

Modular Arithmetic, Number Theory Basics (3 classes)

Classical Cryptography, One Time Pad, Classical Cryptanalysis (4 classes)

Shannon's criteria of Perfect Secrecy (1 class)

Block Ciphers: DES, AES (3 classes)

Asymmetric Ciphers: RSA (3 classes)

Text Books:

Cryptography and Network Security, by William Stallings

Cryptography Theory and Practice, Third Edition, by Douglas Stinson

Other materials will be announced/distributed as the class progresses.

Presentations for the class:



Introduction to Number Theory

Classical Ciphers

Cryptanalysis of Classical Ciphers

Shannon's Theory

Symmetric Ciphers

Data Encryption Standard

Advanced Encryption Standard

Asymmetric Ciphers: RSA