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Bivas Mitra

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
West Bengal, India

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I am a faculty member (since April 2013) in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at IIT Kharagpur, India. Prior to that, I worked briefly (Aug. 2012-March 2013) with Samsung Electronics, Noida as a Chief Engineer. I received my Ph.D in Computer Science & Engineering from IIT Kharagpur under the supervision of Prof. Niloy Ganguly and Prof. Sujoy Ghose. I did my first postdoc (May 2010-June 2011) at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), Paris, France and second postdoc (July 2011-July 2012) at the Universite catholique de Louvain (UCL), Belgium.
I am also associated with the Complex Networks Research Group (CNeRG), IIT Kharagpur, India.

My research interests include

  • Network science, Multilayer networks
  • Social networks, Data science, Anomaly detection
  • Mobile affective computing, Socio-mobile applications
  • Crowdsensing, Social-IoT
  • Peer-to-Peer networks
  • Optical networks

Office :
Room#: 322
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
West Bengal, India, 721302.

Email : bivas [AT] cse.iitkgp.ac.in, bivasmitra [AT] gmail.com
Telephone: +91-3222-282358.

News/Upcoming Events:

  • New paper in ACII 2022: "ALOE: Active Learning based Opportunistic Experience Sampling for Smartphone Keyboard driven Emotion Self-report Collection".
  • Our paper won the Best Paper Runner-Up Award at IEEE MDM 2022. Congratulations Debasree and Sugandh!
  • New paper in IEEE MDM 2022 workshop MUST 2022: "My Mobile Knows that I am Driving! In-Vehicle (Relative) Blind Localization of a Smartphone".
  • New paper in ACM UMAP 2022: "I Cannot See Students Focusing on My Presentation; Are They Following Me? Continuous Monitoring of Student Engagement through 'Stungage'".
  • New (short) paper in IEEE SMARTCOMP 2022: "AmicroN: Framework for Generating Micro-Activity Annotations for Human Activity Recognition".
  • New paper in IEEE MDM 2022: "DriBe: On-road Mobile Telemetry for Locality-neutral Driving Behavior Annotation".
  • New paper in ACM TIST: "Impact of Driving Behavior on Commuter’s Comfort during Cab Rides: Towards a New Perspective of Driver Rating".
  • New paper in PerCom 2022 workshop PerVehicle 2022: "Why Slammed the Brakes On? Auto-annotating Driving Behaviors from Adaptive Causal Modeling".
  • New paper in PerCom 2022: "CogAx: Early Assessment of Cognitive and Functional Impairment from Accelerometry" with University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA.
  • New (poster) paper in ACM SAC 2022: "Emotion Detection from Smartphone Keyboard Interactions: Role of Temporal vs Spectral Features".
  • New paper in COMSNETS 2022: "SmartWatch for Wall Writing: Real-time Transcription of Wall Writing from Inertial Sensing".
  • New (short) paper in India HCI 2021: "Quantifying Students' Involvement during Virtual Classrooms: A Meeting Wrapper for the Teachers".
  • Ayan Bhowmick successfully defended his Ph.D thesis on Sep 27, 2021. Congratulations Ayan!
  • Organizing Young Researchers’ Symposium @ CODS-COMAD 2022, Bangalore, Jan 2022. Submit your papers!
  • Rohit Verma received the Best Ph.D Thesis Award from COMSNETS Association. Congratulations Rohit!
  • New (Work-in-Progress) paper in PerCom 2021: "Non-intrusive Continuous User Identification from Activity Acoustic Signatures".
  • New (short) paper in ACM IUI 2021: "Exploring Smartphone Keyboard Interactions for Experience Sampling Method driven Probe Generation" with Georgia Southern University, USA.
  • New paper in ICWSM 2021: "On the Role of Micro-categories to Characterize Event Popularity in Meetup" with Microsoft.
  • Organizing Doctoral Symposium @ ICDCN 2021, Nara, Japan, Jan 2021. Submit your papers!
  • New paper in ICMI 2020: "LASO: Exploiting Locomotive and Acoustic Signatures over the Edge to Annotate IMU Data for Human Activity Recognition" with University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA.
  • New paper (Late-Breaking Work) in MobileHCI 2020: "Note-on-Watch: Live Scribing from Board-works to Class-notes" with Georgia Southern University, USA.
  • Rohit Verma successfully defended his Ph.D thesis on June 1, 2020. Congratulations Rohit!
  • New (short) paper in ICWSM 2020: "On the Splitting Dynamics of Meetup Social Groups" with Microsoft.
  • Surjya Ghosh successfully defended his Ph.D thesis on Feb 17, 2020. Congratulations Surjya!
  • New paper (Late-Breaking Work) in CHI 2020: "Towards Improving Emotion Self-report Collection using Self-reflection" with Georgia Southern University, USA.
  • New paper in IEEE Percom 2020: "Detecting Mobility Context over Smartphones using Typing and Smartphone Engagement Patterns".
  • New paper in IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems: "A Smartphone-based Passenger Assistant for Public Bus Commute in Developing Countries".
  • New paper in WSDM 2020: "LouvainNE: Hierarchical Louvain Method for High Quality and Scalable Graph Embedding" with UPMC Paris and University of La Rochelle, France.
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  • Open Positions: Ph.D/MS positions are available in the areas of (1) Complex networks/Social networks (mostly theoretical/analytical and real data driven research) and (2) Mobile Systems (mostly experimental research). Highly motivated candidates with strong academic background (B.E./B. Tech with high CGPA, preferably with an M.E./M.Tech in CS) are encouraged to contact for the positions (drop me a CV).
  • Internship: I do not encourage students to spend their second year vacations doing summer projects. So do not expect any response from me. Third year students, if you are interested, apply via link . Please do not send me any mail, neither expect any reply. The staff responsible for that will send you a reply in due time.