CS10001: Programming and Data Structures

Autumn 2017

This is the primary webpage for the course. All materials, announcements etc. that are common to all sections will be posted here. All students must follow this page regularly.

In addition, each teacher may put up his own webpage, which will be used to put up section-specific information/announcements by the respective teachers. Students of each section should also follow the page of their respective teachers for section-specific information.


Class Test 1 question paper with solutions (First 4 pages contain the question paper, last 3 pages show the answers)
Midsem solutions
Class Test 2 question paper with solutions (First 4 pages contain the question paper, last 3 pages show the answers)

Endsem solutions (Some variations are also possible for some of the questions)
Endsem marks (FINAL updated marks after showing scripts and some other minor changes from a final recheck)

Class Timings/Venue/Instructors

Section 9, 10
Mon (10:00-10:55), Wed (8:00-9:55), NR-122 (Nalanda Complex), Teacher: Prof. Rajib Mall (RM)
Section 11, 12
Mon (10:00-10:55), Wed (8:00-9:55), NR-222 (Nalanda Complex), Teacher: Prof. Arobinda Gupta (AG)
Section 13, 14
Thurs (9:00-9:55), Fri (11:00-12:55), NR-122 (Nalanda Complex), Prof. Partha Pratim Das (PPD)
Section 15, 16
Thurs (9:00-9:55), Fri (11:00-12:55), NR-222 (Nalanda Complex), Teacher: Prof. Shamik Sural (SSL) Course webpage



Attendance is MANDATORY . Please take serious note of the institute rule that you can be deregistered from the course at the teacher's discretion if your attendance falls below 80%.

Absence in class will be excused only for medical reasons (must be certified by B. C. Roy Hospital) or if prior permissions is taken from Dean (Academic). In case of any confusions/questions, please talk to your teacher.

Lecture Slides

Numbers in the filesnames indicate tentative sequence of lectures and content. They are tentative and may vary somewhat depending on the progress in the class
Slides for Pre-Midsem lectures
Slides for Post-Midsem lectures

Other Resources

Link to past courses
Codeblock setup (download and then run to install codeblock on Windows)