Research & Development

Multimodal Interaction

A multimodal user interface to Internet has been developed with which a user can access the information from Internet in their mother languages (Hindi, Bengali). The interaction medium (for both input and output) are text, speech and images. The system is useful for English illiterate people, illiterate people and motor-impaired people in India.

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SE Virtual Lab

With the growth of Information Technology, there is a trend to learn remotely with the help of digital gadgets. Towards this direction, we have developed a virtual lab in Software Engineering. With this system user can perform a number of laboratory experiments and evaluate their skill online.

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P.S. Users within IIT Kharagpur campus need to add to the Web browser's proxy bypass list.

Text Entry System

The majority of tasks with any digital gadget (e.g., PC, Notepad, and Smartphone) is entering text for command, communication to peers, etc. There are many text entry mechanisms known which are suitable for text entry in English and meant for experienced users only. We have developed a number of text entry systems for entering text in Indic languages and are suitable for people with different capabilities.

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Bio-Crypto System

Biometric data has been successfully applied to developed robust authentication system. There is a great promise to apply the same in different domains namely secure data storage, data transmission, etc. We have developed a novel technology called Biometric based cryptography and have been successful applied the same to cryptographic key generation, remote authentication, multiparty authentication, etc.

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HCI (Human Computer Interaction) is now in its third generation, where a man interacts with the machine by means of touch and pointing. We are in the process of evolving a hands-free and touch-free interaction as a fourth generation HCI using BCI (Brain Computing Interface).

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