Abir Das


Computer Vision and Intelligence Research (CVIR)

The Computer Vision and Intelligence Research (CVIR) group is part of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Kharagpur. We conduct research in many aspects of computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence.



Abir Das
Assistant Professor

Graduate (PhD) Students

Omprakash Chakraborty
PhD Student

I am looking for highly motivated and talented PhD students. If you are interested in pursuing your research career in explainable AI, bias in Machine Learning or Deep Learning in Computer Vision and Language, you are encouraged to apply to the PhD program of IIT Kharagpur. An exposure to Machine Learning, Deep Learning along with tools for it and efficiency in Python programming will be good to have.
If you have any queries related to research in my group that might help you decide, drop me an email. For any other queries regarding the PhD application process, the email should be sent to asregpgr@adm.iitkgp.ernet.in.

Graduate (M.Tech) Students

Sanjay Maharana
M.Tech Student

Undergraduate (B.Tech and B.Tech/M.Tech Dual Degree) Students

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Buridi Aditya
Dual Degree Student
Nikhil Reddy
Dual Degree Student
Rakesh Bal
BTech Student