Industrial Internet of Things

The critical industrial processes powered by heavy machinery are crucial to the growth and achievement of business outcomes. However, due to the large size and complexity of the specialized machines, their maintenance cost is high. Moreover, any breakdown of these machines brings the industrial processes to an unexpected halt, resulting in opportunity costs. Also, an optimal operation of the machinery is a critical factor as a poorly functioning machine, resulting in higher expenses for each process in the industry. Their sensitivity towards time characterizes the industrial processes. Therefore, any delay beyond the processess’ limits further results in poor production quality and may even result in a catastrophe such as the overheating of systems, an explosion of tanks due to excessive pressure, and others. Each business relies on its manufacturing, trade, and operation secrets. Thus, any breach of sensitive data leads to monetary losses and a rise in market competition. Also, to prevent critical and hazardous systems under limited access, industrial systems demand effective security measures. At SWAN Laboratory, we focus on the practical requirements of the industries to help them minimize the process costs, effortless and remote monitoring of machinery, remote manual and automatic actuation of systems, real-time alerts, and others. In addition, we exploit the tremendous potential of IoT backed by Edge computing and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning to develop systems that meet the essential characteristics of time boundedness and security.


SEGA: Secured Edge Gateway Microservices Architecture for IIoT-based Machine Monitoring

In this work, we propose SEGA, a secured edge gateway microservices architecture for Industrial IoT-based monitoring of machines in industries. SEGA allows the secured collection, transmission, and temporary storage of data within the edge network. A KNN-based analytics module hosted on the edge gateway processes time-sensitive machine monitoring data on the gateway itself and identifies machines’ operational status.

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