Professor Sudip Misra
IEEE Senior Member
Humboldt Fellow (Germany), NASI Fellow (India),
IETE Fellow (India), IET Fellow (UK), RSPH Fellow (UK)
Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
Kharagpur-721302, WB, India
Email Id:
Tel : +91-3222-282338


[January, 2020] Selected as Editor of IEEE Network !

[December, 2020] Selected as Editor of IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Computing !

[April, 2019] Congratulations to Sanku for defending his MS Thesis !

[March, 2019] Paper with Sanku accepted in IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics !

[February, 2019] Elected as Fellow of Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH), UK, 2019 for his contributions to Healthcare IoT !

[January, 2019] Received the Abdul Kalam Technology Innovation National Fellowship by INAE !

[January, 2019] Congratulations to Aishwariya for defending her MS Thesis !

[December, 2018] Congratulations to Niloy for defending his MS Thesis !

[November, 2018] Elected as Fellow of Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), UK, 2018 !

[October, 2018] Elected as Fellow of Institution of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineers (IETE), India, 2018 !

[September, 2018] The survey article on Cloud Computing for Smart Grid with Samaresh featured as one of the 50 Most Popular Articles by IEEE Trans. on Parallel & Dist. Systems, December 2015 - September 2018 !

[September, 2018] The survey article on Software-Defined Networking for Internet of Things with Samaresh featured as one of the 50 Most Popular Articles by IEEE Internet of Things Journal, September 2017 - September 2018 !

[September, 2018] Paper with Aishwariya accepted in IEEE Transactions on Services Computing !

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M. S. Obaidat and S. Misra, Principles of Wireless Sensor Networks,Cambridge University Press, U.K.

S. Misra, B. K. Saha, and S. Pal, Opportunistic Mobile Networks: Advances and Applications, Springer

S. Misra and S. Goswami, Network Routing: Fundamentals, Applications and Emerging Technologies, John Wiley & Sons, Chichester, U.K.

S. Misra and S. Bera, Smart Grid Technology: A Cloud Computing and Data Management Approach, Cambridge University Press, U.K.
S. Misra, S. Sarkar, and S. Chatterjee, Sensors, Cloud, and Fog: The Enabling Technologies for the Internet of Things, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group


Dr. Sudip Misra is a full Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. Prior to this he was associated with Cornell University (USA), Yale University (USA), Nortel Networks (Canada) and the Government of Ontario (Canada). He received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Carleton University, in Ottawa, Canada, and the masters and bachelors degrees, respectively, from the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, Canada, and the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India. Prof. Misra has several years of experience working in the academia, government, and the private sectors in research, teaching, consulting, project management, software design and product engineering roles.

His current research interests include mobile ad hoc and sensor networks, internet of things (IoT), computer networks, and learning systems. Prof. Misra is the author of over 300 scholarly research papers, of which over 170 of them are in distinguished journals. He has won ten research paper awards in different international conferences and journals. He was awarded the coveted Careers360 Outstanding Faculty Award in 2018 for his distinguished contributions in Computer Science. He also received the Faculty Excellence Award at IIT Kharagpur in 2017 (the only researcher to receive the award from all disciplines of electrical and computer sciences). He received the IEEE ComSoc Asia Pacific Outstanding Young Researcher Award at IEEE GLOBECOM 2012, Anaheim, California, USA. Further, his team was awarded the GYTI Award (2018) by the President of India, and the 3rd Prize in the Samsung Innovation Award (2014) at IIT Kharagpur, the IBM Innovation Award (2016) at IIT Kharagpur. He was also the recipient of several academic awards and fellowships such as the Young Scientist Award (National Academy of Sciences, India), Young Systems Scientist Award (Systems Society of India), Young Engineers Award (Institution of Engineers, India), (Canadian) Governor General’s Academic Gold Medal at Carleton University, the University Outstanding Graduate Student Award in the Doctoral level at Carleton University and the National Academy of Sciences, India – Swarna Jayanti Puraskar (Golden Jubilee Award). He was also awarded the Canadian Government’s prestigious NSERC Post Doctoral Fellowship and the Humboldt Research Fellowship in Germany.

Prof. Misra has been serving as the Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, and IEEE Systems Journal, International Journal of Communication Systems (Wiley), and IET Communications Journal. Prof. Misra has published 10 books in the areas of opportunistic networks, wireless ad hoc networks, wireless sensor networks, wireless mesh networks, communication networks and distributed systems, network reliability and fault tolerance, and information and coding theory, published by reputed publishers such as Springer, Cambridge University Press, Wiley, and World Scientific.

He was invited to chair several international conference/workshop programs and sessions. He served in the program committees of several international conferences. Prof. Misra was also invited to deliver keynote/invited lectures in over 60 international conferences in USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Prof. Misra is the Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences (NASI), India, the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), UK, and the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering (IETE), India.