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AIoT in Healthcare: A Cooperative Blueprint in China and India

As civilization progresses and advances are made in the study of ecosystems, humans are becoming more concerned about their health and well-being. Medical systems are facing dire challenges. Taking the long view, the world population is aging remarkably, and age-dependent chronic diseases are projected to increase, which will put mounting pressure on the entire medical system. In the short term, medical systems are faced with the ultimate challenge as the COVID-19 pandemic rages across the world, demanding fast reaction and precise forecasts. In order to respond aptly to these issues, healthcare services urgently need transformation via innovative technologies to improve people’s lives. As machine/deep learning, sensors, 5G, and other digital technologies advance, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (i.e. AIoT) have entered an unprecedented stage of rapid development and are now touching all aspects of the health ecosystem. By enhancing clinical diagnosis performance, rethinking the roles of medical devices, and expanding the capacity of the medical system, AIoT is reshaping the healthcare sector and has catalyzed a consolidation of industrialization in healthcare. This white paper surveys AIoT in healthcare from a cooperative blueprint in China and India. It starts with a review on the development of the cutting-edge AIoT technologies in healthcare, followed by a closer look at four key areas of AIoT in healthcare, i.e. Smart Data Collection, Proactive Monitorial Systems, Personal Digital Twin systems, and Medical Resource Planning strategies, then presents successful application cases of AIoT for healthcare in China, India, and other regions in the world. Furthermore, this white paper identifies some challenges that lie ahead and reviews research on the issue from both academia and industry. Finally, this white paper offers an outlook on possible developments for AIoT in healthcare going forward. The BRICS countries, including China and India, are working together to promote technological breakthroughs and innovations of AIoT in healthcare. We hope that publication of this white paper will provide the readers with a deeper understanding of the practical investigations on AIoT from the BRICS countries in this field, thus contributing to the new momentum for development and international cooperation in the global healthcare industry, and promote the construction of a healthcare community for humanity.

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