INAE Young Engineers' Award 2019

For contributions in Computer Systems and Ubiquitous Computing; has been inducted as INAE Young Associates.


Executive Committee Member, COMSNETS

Has been inducted as a member of the executive committee of COMSNETS Association, from 2019


University Medal, 2009

for standing FIRST in order of merit at the Bachelor of Engineering (Information Technology) Final Examination, 2009 at Jadavpur University.


COMSNETS 2016 Best Poster Award

for the poster paper "Prediction of Quality Degradation for Mobile Video Streaming Apps: A Case Study using YouTube"


COMSNETS 2016 Best Paper Honourable Mention

for the paper "ES2: Managing Link Level Parameters for Elevating Data Rate and Stability in High Throughput WLAN"


Graduate Student Award, 2011

from Tata Consultency Services (TCS) for overall academic performance at graduate studies.

Best Paper Award at ICDCN 2015 (Networking Track)

for the paper "Controlling Unfairness due to Physical Layer Capture and Channel Bonding in 802.11n+s Wireless Mesh Networks"


INAE Innovative Student Project Award 2014 - DOctoral Level

for the PhD thesis "Capacity Enhancement, QoS and Rate Adaptation in IEEE 802. 11S: A Performance Improvement Perspective"


Arun Kumar Bandyopadhyay Memorial Bronze Medal, 2009

for securing the Second Highest aggregate of marks among all the courses of Bachelor of Engineering Examination, 2009, awarded by Jadavpur University.


NIXI Fellowship

National Internet of Exchange India (NIXI) Fellowship for 2014-2015


IEEE ANTS 2013 Best Paper Award

for the paper "Surpassing Flow Fairness in a Mesh Network: How to Ensure Equity among End Users?"


Best Undergraduate Student Project

in 2009 by TATA Consultancy Services Limited based on the undergraduate project work on channel scheduling in IEEE 802.16 networks.