Underwater Sensor Network Simulator

Jaltarang: A NS-3 based Underwater Sensor Network Simulator

Jaltarang is Network Simulator (NS-3) based simulator for underwater Sensor Networks. It is developed based on NS-3.14, and the simulator can be installed on top of the NS-3. Jaltarang can be operated from a easy to use GUI or from the command line. The salient features of the simulator are listed below.

  • GUI/Command line access
  • Topology Module
  • Localization module
  • Physical layer
  • MAC layer
  • Network layer
  • Mobility module
  • Visualization module
  • Trace file and command-line/file output

Figure: Jaltarang GUI: Protocol Simulation

Figure: Simulating the node localization from Jaltarang GUI

Download Link:

Jaltarang v1.0  [Click here to Download]

Towards Robust Efficient and Secure Data Acquisition in Underwater Sensor Networks

Project Overview:
Under the surface of water, networks of sensors can be used for different applications such as submarine monitoring, oil exploration, seismic monitoring and ocean mapping. Data acquisition scheme for those applications using underwater sensor networks (UWSNs) faces many challenges due to dynamic behavior of aquatic environment and acoustic communication. These behaviors include the varying levels of salinity, temperature and pressure under the surface of water, large and variable propagation delay, node mobility due to underwater current, frequent loss of connection among the nodes, very less bandwidth for communication, ambient noise of marine life, and error prone communication medium. Therefore, in this project we have scoped down our work to the investigation of the following issues.

  • Development of a robust architecture for UWSN.
  • Design and Development of a UWSN simulator.
  • Designing delay, disruption and fault tolerant routing protocols for UWSN.
  • Identification of the different types of security attacks in UWSNs and designing security protocols for defense against DoS (Jamming) attacks in UWSN.

Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), Government of India

March, 2010 - February, 2013

Principal Investigator
Dr. Sudip Misra


  • Goutam Mali, Junior Reaserch Fellow
  • Amit Kumar Mandal, Junior Project Assistant
  • Manas Khatua, Senior Research Fellow
  • Tamoghna Ojha, Junior Project Assistant
  • Pushpendu Kar, Senior Project Assistant