December 16, 2017
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Internet of Things (IoT) is presently a hot technology worldwide. Government, academia, and industry are involved in different aspects of research, implementation, and business with IoT. IoT cuts across multiple application domain verticals, ranging from civilian applications to defence sectors. These domains include agriculture, space, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, water, and mining, which are presently in the process of transitioning their legacy infrastructure to support IoT. Presently. it is possible to envision pervasive connectivity, storage, and computation, which in turn, opens vast avenues for IoT-based development in these areas. IoT-based applications, such as innovative shopping system, infrastructure management in both urban and rural areas, remote health monitoring and emergency notification systems, and transportation systems, are rapidly paving the way for much robust, powerful, and smarter cities.

SAFE: Secure and Usable IoT Ecosystem aims to develop a privacy-preserving blockchain architecture for IoT applications in healthcare data-sharing, using attribute-based encryption (ABE) to provide greater security for the devices.

The SAFE: Secure and Usable IoT Ecosystem workshop aims to take up the issues plaguing the domain of digital privacy and security in IoT environments. The joint Indo-UK workshop will be held in Bhubaneshwar on 16th December 2017. The workshop expects to witness participation from both academia, as well as the industry, to discuss issues related to digital safety in IoT environments with a special focus on the healthcare industry. The main events will include discussions on emerging and prevalent challenges concerning security in IoT ecosystem, their solution approaches, and brainstorming sessions to gauge the feasibility of these approaches. Approaches for safe data sharing, attribute mining, privacy, encryption and their implications in IoT-based healthcare will be taken up as part of the discussions in this workshop.

The academic partners of this workshop include internationally renowned institutes, such as IIT Kharagpur from India, Loughborough University and City, University of London from UK. Some of the non-academic partners of this workshop include healthcare providers such as AIIMS Bhubaneshwar, B C Roy Technology Hospital at IIT Kharagpur, and e-Smart Saving Limited from UK.



C.V.Raman College of Engineering

Bidyanagar, Mahura, Janla

Bhubaneswar - 752 054 (Orissa)