Road Map for PhD Students

Supervisor Allocation

You will be given a listing of faculty members. Meet with every faculty member, talk with them to know their areas of research interests, and let them sign the form. After this, you send me your preferences for supervisor(s). One to three choices would suffice. I will then handle the allocation of your supervisor(s) and the chairman of your scrutiny committee.

Note: Project and sponsored students do not need to meet every faculty member.

Download form (Choice)
Download form (Allocation)

DSC Formation

The supervisor(s) will form the DSC (doctoral scrutiny committee). The DSC is to be constituted within two weeks of joining. There should be one Chairman, one Supervisor, one Joint Supervisor (optional) and three DSC Members. Members of faculty should be nominated in consultation with Supervisor(s). Use this form in order to add an external supervisor.


The supervisor(s) will fill out the enrollment form (course allocation) in ERP, upon consultation with the DSC. Change of course work, if needed in future, is to be initiated by the supervisor(s). If a pass grade (C or above) is entered against a course, the course cannot be changed. The grades of your courses will be entered in ERP by the respective course instructors.

Qualifier/Comprehensive Test

You need to pass the PhD qualifier test (a four-hour written test). I will conduct the test, and enter the grades. You are eligible to appear for the test anytime after your first semester.

Syllabus for PhD Qualifier

Registration Seminar

After you complete the above requirements, you need to give a registration seminar highlighting your area of research, your literature survey, problem definition, plan for future work, and results, if any.

Download form [To be submitted in ERP by the supervisor, softcopy of report to be uploaded]

Enhancement Seminar

This is needed for regular institute scholars for enhancing the scholarship after two years. A seminar on your progress is to be delivered.

Download form [To be submitted in ERP by the supervisor, softcopy of report to be uploaded]

Annual Progress Report

Annual progress reports in the second and third years are to be prepared by the supervisor(s) and the HOD (for institute scholars only).

Extension of Institute Assistantship in the Fourth Year

In the fourth year, institute scholars should renew their scholarships on a six-month basis. A seminar should be given for each extension.

Download form

Synopsis Seminar

This is the final seminar summarizing the entire work done for the thesis. If the DSC is happy with the work, you submit a small synopsis of your work (typically, a ten-page report in 11pt doublespacing format with 1in margins). Otherwise, you need to give a repeat seminar within six months. The DSC may suggest modfications in the synopsis report. Incorporate the suggestions, and submit a hardcopy and a softcopy of the synopsis report to the Department office. The supervisor will also choose a panel of examiners via ERP. Several forms need to be signed and filled out at this stage.

Download form [The supervisor will submit the report and arrange the forms]

Thesis Submission

Within two months of the synopsis seminar, the hard and soft copies of the final thesis are to be submitted. At this point again, you need to fill a few forms for sending to the academic section.

Download form [The forms appear in the student's ERP account]

Final Viva Voce

This is the defense seminar to be presented in the presence of an external examiner.

[The forms appear in the student's ERP account]

DSC Restructuring

DSC members can be changed and new members can be added at any time (although this is very infrequently needed).

Download form


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