Road Map for MS Students

Supervisor Allocation

Talk with your project PI (and coPI, if any), and decide your supervisor(s).

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Department Academic Committee (DAC) Formation

The supervisor(s) select some faculty members for monitoring your progress. You do not need to register the committee in ERP. However, the DAC form should be submitted to the CSE office.

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The supervisor(s) will fill out the enrollment form (course allocation) in ERP, upon consultation with the scrutiny commmittee. Change of course work, if needed in future, is to be initiated by the supervisor(s). If a pass grade (C or better) is entered against a course, the course cannot be changed. The grades of your courses will be entered in ERP by the respective course instructors.

Comprehensive Viva Voce

After you complete the course work, you need to appear for an oral comprehensive test. The CSE faculty will conduct the viva, and I will enter the grades.

Syllabus for MS Comprehensive Viva

First and Second Seminars

You need to deliver two seminars to demonstrate the progess of your work. Both the seminars are to be graded for presentation skill and technical achievement.

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Synopsis Seminar

This is the final seminar summarizing the entire work done for the thesis. If the scrutiny committee is happy with the work, you submit a small synopsis of your work (typically, a ten-page report in 11pt doublespacing format with 1in margins). Otherwise, you need to give a repeat seminar within six months. The scrutiny committee may suggest modfications in the synopsis report. Incorporate the suggestions, and submit a hardcopy and a softcopy of the synopsis report to the Department office. The supervisor will also choose a panel of examiners via ERP. Several forms need to be signed and filled out at this stage. The supervisor will download the PDF files from his/her ERP account.

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Thesis Submission

Within two months of the synopsis seminar, the hard and soft copies of the final thesis are to be submitted. At this point again, you need to fill a few forms for sending to the academic section.

[Thesis submission forms come to the student's ERP account]

Final Viva Voce

This is the defense seminar to be presented in the presence of an external examiner. An overall evaluation of you will be made (in terms of grades) after your defense seminar.

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