List of projects offered for 03CS UG batch

Broad areas

AI, speech and language processing, assistive technologyAI
Applications (bioinformatics, graphics, web tools)APPL
Cryptography and securitySECU
Parallel, distributed and mobile computingPAR
Systems (architecture, OS, complilers, database, embedded systems)SYS
VLSI (design, verification, testing and synthesis)VLSI

Degree-wise category

BTech student preferableBTECH
Dual degree student preferableDUAL
No specific choiceANY

List of projects

1AB1Embedded systemsSYSANYClick here
2AB2aAI, Speech and natural language processingAIDUALClick here
3AB2bAI, Speech and natural language processingAIANYClick here
4AD1Elliptic curve cryptographySECUANYClick here
5AD2Hyperelliptic curve cryptographySECUDUALClick here
6AD3Cryptanalysis of block ciphersSECUANYClick here
7AG1Distributed algorithms for wireless networksPARANYClick here
8AG2Application development for mobile phones on windows platformPARBTECHClick here
9AKM1Multimedia storage and retrieval with application to medical images and videoAPPLANYClick here
10AKM2Data Security and Design of Intrusion Resilient Database systemsSECUANYClick here
11ARB1Medial axis and straight skeleton of simple polygonsALGOANYClick here
12ARB2Application of graph algorithms and graph drawing techniques in VLSI placementALGOANYClick here
13ARB3Approximate matching of points and geometric shapes under arbitrary transformsALGOANYClick here
14ARB4Geometric optimization algorithms for Geographic Information Systems(GIS)ALGOANYClick here
15ARB5Uniform insertion of points inside arbitrary planar shapes (squares,polygons, etc.)ALGOANYClick here
16AP1Sensor networksNWANYClick here
17AP2Optical communicationNWANYClick here
18CRM1Algorithm animation over the webAPPLANYClick here
19CRM_DS1aIntroducing new architectural features into the RTL synthesis paradigmVLSIBTECHClick here
20CRM_DS1bIntroducing new architectural features into the RTL synthesis paradigmVLSIDUALClick here
21DRC1Characterization of Non-linear Cellular Automata and its application to CryptographySECUANYClick here
22DRC2New schemes for two/multi party authenticationSECUANYClick here
23DRC3Testing Embedded Cores - Digital, Analog and Mixed signalVLSIANYClick here
24DS1Verification of real time systemsVLSIANYClick here
25GB1Looking into the Linux KernelSYSANYClick here
26ISG1Development of tools for steganography and steganalysisSECUANYClick here
27ISG2aSome topics in the area of digital circuit testingVLSIDUALClick here
28ISG2bSome topics in the area of digital circuit testingVLSIDUALClick here
29ISG3Development of reconfigurable FPGA based implementation of cryptographic primitivesSECU,VLSIBTECHClick here
30JM1Video Compression using WaveletsAPPLBTECHClick here
31JM2Protein Structure PredicitonAPPLDUALClick here
32NG1aPerformance Analysis of DC++NWDUALClick here
33NG1bPerformance Analysis of DC++NWDUALClick here
34NG2Search in structured peer to peer networksNWANYClick here
35NG3Understanding weighted random graphsNWANYClick here
36NG_PM1Pattern Recognition with Cellular AutomataAIDUALClick here
37PDG1Formal verification IVLSIANYClick here
38PDG2Formal verification IIVLSIANYClick here
39PDG3Formal verification IIIVLSIANYClick here
40PM1Spatio-temporal data miningAIANYClick here
41PM2aInformation extraction from web documentsAIANYClick here
42PM2bInformation extraction from web documentsAIANYClick here
43PM3Shape-based image retrievalAIANYClick here
44PPC1Multiprocessor scheduling algorithmsALGOANYClick here
45PPC2Algorithms for timing and power analysisVLSIANYClick here
46PSD1aTowards an object oriented VerilogVLSIANYClick here
47PSD1bTowards an object oriented VerilogVLSIANYClick here
48PSD2aCreating an electronic question bank on Windows with VC++ front end and oracle/SQL backendAPPLANYClick here
49PSD2bCreating an electronic question bank on Windows with VC++ front end and oracle/SQL backendAPPLANYClick here
50RM1Test coverage analysis for OO programsAPPLBTECHClick here
51SPP1Classification of boolean functions with low classical/quantum communication complexityALGODUALClick here
52SPP2Scalable video service using (virtual) internet cachingAPPLANYClick here
53SPP3aAlgebraic and combinatorial characterizations of promise sets for efficient communication protocolsALGOBTECHClick here
54SPP3bAlgebraic and combinatorial characterizations of promise sets for efficient communication protocolsALGODUALClick here
55SS1Detection and tracking of news topicsAIANYClick here
56SS2Question answering systemAIANYClick here
57SS3Making use of ontologies and correlations in IR systemsAIANYClick here
58SS4Dialogue Management system for the travel and tourism domainAIANYClick here