CS19002 Programming and Data Structures Laboratory Spring 2010, Section 5

Timing: Tuesday 08:30-12:25
Instructor: Abhijit Das
Teaching Assistants:
        Biswanath Barik
        Dibyendu Mallik
        Rahul Jaimini
        Sirshendu Mohanta
        Subidh Ali

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Submission site

Date Exercise Topic Solution
Jan 05, 2010No assignmentIntroduction to the lab 
Jan 12, 2010Assignment 0Conditional statements (Not for submission)C file
Jan 19, 2010Assignment 1Loopsprn file
Jan 26, 2010Holiday (Republic Day)
Feb 02, 2010Assignment 2Simple functionsprn file
Feb 09, 2010Lab Test 1Iterative programming (including non-recursive functions)prn file
Feb 16, 2010Assignment 3Recursive functionsC file
Feb 23, 2010No lab (Mid-Semester test)
Mar 02, 2010Assignment 4One-dimensional arraysC file
Mar 09, 2010Assignment 5Two-dimensional arraysC file
Mar 16, 2010Assignment 6Stucturesprn file
Mar 23, 2010Assignment 7PointersC file
Mar 30, 2010Assignment 8Linked listsC file
Apr 06, 2010Lab Test 2Programming without dynamic memory managementOdd | Even
Apr 13, 2010Assignment 9Abstract data typesC file
Apr 20, 2010Assignment 10Winding up 
Apr 27, 2010No lab (End-Semester test)