CS19002 Programming and Data Structures

Autumn/Spring semester

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You should learn how to indent a C program. Properly indented programs are legible, promote easier debugging and provide protection against certain queer compilation errors.

Indentation does not only mean that a few lines of your code leave extra blank spaces on their left. Certain conventions regarding these spaces are necessary for this indentation to be a proper indentation. This also includes proper placement of the curly braces ({ and }). A sequence of C statements enclosed within a matching pair of braces is called a block.

Fix an indentation amount for your codes. In industry, people usually use a tab as the indentetation amount. Since a tab (normally) means eight characters, programs with large levels of nesting of blocks may face difficulty with such a large indentation amount. You may instead use 2 or 3 spaces as the indentation amount.

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