CS39002 Operating Systems Laboratory Spring 2013, L-T-P: 0-0-3

General Information

Instructor: Arobinda Gupta and Abhijit Das
Timing: Monday 01:30pm -- 04:25pm
Venue: Software Lab and Classroom 120
Syllabus: Official site
Teaching Assistants: Amit Kumar Meher, Ayan Das, Kulkarni Shweta Vijendra, Mariamma Antony, Rajneesh Agrawal, Shamit Ghosh.
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AssignmentDue dateSubmissionRelated information
Assignment 1 21-Jan-2013Group GNU C library functions
Sample code: fork1.c | fork2.c | forkn.c | forkarray.c | execlp.c | execvp.c | dup.c | pipe.c
Assignment 2 05-Feb-2013Group Sample code: Shared memory | Semaphore
Assignment 3 11-Feb-2013Group POSIX threads
Sample code: pthread.c
Assignment 4 18-Mar-2013Group Supplementary material
Assignment 5 01-Apr-2013Group 
Proc file system Not for submission
Assignment 6 08-Apr-2013Group 

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Richard Stevens, Unix Network Programming, Volume 2, Second Edition: Interprocess Communications, Prentice Hall, 1999.