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Supplementary Material for Nested Segmentation of Web Search Queries



This page contains supplementary material (data and code) accompanying the ACM Transactions on Information Systems (TOIS) submission #000, titled "Nested Query Segmentaiton for Information Retrieval".



1. Query test of SGCL12 [Download]

2. Outputs of 16 nesting algorithms on the query test set of SGCL12 [Input flat segmention: Saha Roy et al., SIGIR 2012] [Download]

3. Query set of TREC-WT [Download]

4. Outputs of 16 nesting algorithms on the query test set of TREC-WT  [Input flat segmention: Saha Roy et al., SIGIR 2012] [Download]

5. Code and executables for generating the nested segmentations for a set of queries [Download]

6. Code and executables for IR-based evaluation of a nested segmentation [Download]

7. Readme.txt



1. For more information regarding this material, please refer to the Experiments section of our ACM TOIS paper.

2. All users of this data and code will be treated as having read and accepted the terms of the Microsoft Research License Agreement (MSR-LA).


Address all queries regarding data or code to any one of:

rishiraj [DOT] saharoy [AT] gmail [DOT] com

anusha [DOT] s1991 [AT] gmail [DOT] com

monojitc [AT] microsoft [DOT] com

niloy [AT] cse [DOT] iitkgp [DOT] ernet [DOT] in


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