Smart Grid Technology

Smart Grid Technology

A Cloud Computing and Data Management Approach

Sudip Misra and Samaresh Bera

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108475204, May 2018, Format: Hardback

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This book offers comprehensive coverage on smart grid technologies, their concepts and underlying principles. It integrates the tools and techniques of cloud computing and data management for application in smart grids. Different cloud computing and data management approaches are explained highlighting energy management, information management, and security in the smart grid. The concepts of plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and virtual energy storage are explained in separate chapters. The text covers recent trends in cloud computing and data analytics in the field of smart grid.


"The book is a great resource for all those interested in learning about the interplay between a number of research themes: smart grids, clouds, data analytics, security and data privacy, among many other topics. The book will be very useful for researchers, practitioners, and graduate students; a welcome addition to the Smart Grids literature."
-- Professor Albert Y. Zomaya, IEEE Fellow, University of Sydney

"The book covers different aspects of smart grid technology supported by cloud computing and data analytics. It is a balanced mixture of theories and their applications in smart grid, which will help the readers to understand the theoretical aspects of smart grid technology and its implementation in practice."
-- Professor Hikmet Sari, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and Chief Scientist, Sequans Communications


Table of Contents

Part I: Introduction

Part II: Cloud Computing Applications for Smart Grid

Part III: Smart Grid Data Management and Applications

Part IV: Smart Grid Design and Deployment