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Selected Presentations:

  • “Blockchain for Financial Applications” invited talk at Indian Institute of Banking and Finance, September, 2019 [Link to Download]

  • “Path Diversity and Its Effect over High Speed Wireless Mesh Backbone: Towards a New Routing Framework”, Invited Talk, Department of Informatics, Technical University Munich, Germany, March 2014 [Link to Download]

  • “Data rate Adaptation in Multi-Rate Mesh Networks: Path Length vs Network Contention”, Invited Talk, IIT Hyderabad, March 2014 [Link to Download]

  • “Defending Concealedness in IEEE 802.11n”, COMSNETS 2014, Bangalore, January, 2014 [Link to Download]

  • “Evaluating the Effect of Path Diversity over QoS and QoE in a High Speed Indoor Mesh Backbone”, COMSNETS 2014, Bangalore, January, 2014 [Link to Download]

  • “Surpassing Flow Fairness in a Mesh Network: How to Ensure Equity among End Users?”, IEEE ANTS 2013, Chennai, India, Deccember 2013 [Link to Download]

  • “Beyond Conventional Routing Protocols: Opportunistic Path Selection for IEEE 802.11s Mesh Networks”, IEEE PIMRC, London, UK, September 2013 [Link to Download]

  • “RelBAS: reliable Data Gathering from Border Area Sensors”, IEEE ISCC, Split, Croatia, July 2013 [Link to Download]

  • “A HyperLAN/2 based MAC Protocol for Efficient Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communication using Directional Wireless Mesh Backbone”, IEEE IUCC, UK, June 2014 [Link to Download]

  • “Performance Optimization in Single Channel Directional Multi-interface IEEE 802.11s EDCA using Beam Prioritization”, IEEE ICC, Ottawa, Canada, June 2012 [Link to Download]