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Here is where the entire department interacts casually. The Department Society organises various social functions and other events to pep the otherwise busy lives of the students and faculty. The Society conducts creative programming contests,faculty-staff-student cricket matches, freshers' welcome, farewell parties for final years, etc.

Faculty Advisors

The Student Members

Ashish Vasava


Yash Bajaj

General Secretary

Sahil Arora

General Secretary

Megha Jhunjhunwala


Megha is a sophomore of IIT Kharagpur and is currently pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science And Engineering. Her avid interest in coding has motivated her to be an integral part of the CodeClub which she believes is the best platform for amateur coders like hers to hone their coding skills . In addition to coding, she is also very passionate about debating and MUNning and has been an active member of the Debating Society since her first year. She likes to be described as both a book worm and a movie buff as reading novels and watching movies are the only things which keep this otherwise workaholic girl away from work.

Nishkarsh Shastri


Nishkarsh, a sophomore, is a very enthusiastic guy. His interest varies over various fields ranging from sports to animes. Novels are an integral part of his life. He is very dedicated to his work and believes in doing his work before the deadline. An interesting aspect of his ideology is his classification on the basis of being sensible. He believes in thinking big but with careful planning of each and every step.

Arkanath Pathak

Design Team Head

Arkanath, a sophomore of the Computer Science Department is a proper game changer. He considers his life a gift and can never waste any part of that. His interests are mostly confined to technology and music. Being a tech geek, he is always interested in any kind of discussions related to technology (remember the discussion must be geeky! ). Arkanath is easily bored by stuff that he doesn't like and he is allergic to getting bored. He is also an experienced keyboard player, be it a musical keyboard or a computer keyboard…

Srinidhi Moodalgiri,Shindey


Srinidhi hails from Mangalore, but has lived in most parts of India. Also, he conquered the Roman Empire (BAZINGA!). Sarcasm/pun is what comes first to his mind in any and every situation. A metal geek and a guitarist himself, Srinidhi enjoys bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Eluveitie, Kalmah, Trivium, CoF etc. He's one of those very few who celebrate on gaining weight, which seldom happens.

Vishnu Choudhary


Vishnu, a small town guy from Rajasthan looking to explore the world joined the institution in 2013. Innovative, business minded and enthusiastic are some of his qualities. He loves music (especially A.R. Rahman) and if given a chance aspires to be the vice president of the Technology Students Gymkhana.

Chinmaya Pancholi


Chinmaya is a freshman pursuing Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Kharagpur. Being a cricket-maniac,he is an ardent follower of the game and never does he miss a chance of playing it,Sachin Tendulkar being his all-time favourite. Apart from this,he also likes watching action movies and listening to music and not to be missed,he's also an FB addict.

Barnopriyo Barua,Barno


Barno is a fun loving guy from Mumbai. Though a Bengali, he is brought up in Mumbai and is completely a Mumbaikar. He loves coding and making projects on the computer. He is also a big football fan, whereas music and reading are his favourite pastimes.

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