The Computer Science And Engineering Department Society presents for all coding aficionados in Kharagpur the much awaited CodeClub - a society dedicated to garnering coding skills and shaping IIT Kharagpur's future in the coding arena.

Fortnightly coding competitions (CodeNites) will be organised by CodeClub with an aim to provide a competitive programming environment within IIT-Kgp which we believe is certainly the need of the hour. With our eyes set on winning international coding competitions like ACM-ICPC and the likes, we believe this is the best course to take in order to make India a significant name in the coding world. We plan to conduct regular weekly meetings this year where intense discussions on algorithms and problem solving techniques will take place . And yes we believe that the necessity or advantages of the existence of such an active coding circle is too obvious to be even questioned or explained any further.

What you need to be a part of this great initiative? Well all that you need is a passion for coding, because that's all we care about, and yes we are open to all departments(no discrimination).

CoddeNite 1.0 Results Link:

CoddeNite 2.0 Results Link: