CS 30002 Operating Systems

(Spring Semester 2015)

Bivas Mitra

Bivas Mitra
Sourangshu Bhattacharya

Teaching Assistants
Soumyajit Pramanik soumajit.pramanik [AT]
Akash Amat akash.amat [AT]
Saurabh Agarwal saurabhagarwal137 [AT]
Amit Pandey amitpandey.indian [AT]
Devender dev.iitkgp.cse [AT]
Sayan Mandal mesayaan [AT]


08.05.2015 Final OS Theory Grades
08.05.2015 Final OS Lab Grades
16.04.2015 Sample solution of class test-2 here
11.04.2015 Class Test-II, April 13, Monday 3.00pm-4.00pm
11.04.2015 Midsem marks
06.04.2015 Lab assignment 7 has been uploaded. Class test-II on Monday (April 13)
26.03.2015 Lab assignment 6 has been uploaded.
09.03.2015 Lab assignment 5 has been uploaded. Lab Test is on March 23, 2015
02.03.2015 Tuesday's class starts at 8.00am
02.03.2015 In case of lab assignment submission, code plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Once identified, you will get ZERO for all the preceding lab submissions without ANY further consideration.
26.02.2015 Lab assignment 4 has been uploaded. Lab assignments 3(a), 3(b): Deadline extended till Feb 28.
16.02.2015 Sample solution of class test-1 here
09.02.2015 Lab assignments 3(a), 3(b) have been uploaded
06.02.2015 Class Test on Feb 12 (Thu), 7.00pm-8.00pm
02.02.2015 Please find the scribe assignments here. Submission Deadline: Feb 7, 2015.
Two students have been assigned for each class for scribing. Scribe is mostly like a class note. One has to submit a report and another one has to submit the corresponding presentation slides (Independently. No group work). You should spend a significant amount of time while preparing those scribes. Copy/Paste business between the report and slides are strictly prohibited. Plagiarism from the class lecture slides and online sources are also strictly prohibited.
23.01.2015 Lab assignments 2(a), 2(b) have been uploaded
14.01.2015 Lab assignment 1 has been uploaded
12.01.2015 Form the groups (of size 2) and communicate that with Akash Amat. Deadline EOD tomorrow.
06.01.2015 No class on Jan 8 (Thu)
04.01.2015 First class: January 5, 2015, Monday. Venue: NC 441, Time: 10.30am. No Lab this week


       Class Notes


       Study Materials


General Information

Lectures : MON(10:30-11:30), TUE(8:00-9:30), THU(11:30-12:30)
Room # : NC 441
Tutorial : (will be announced later)
Units : 3-0-2
Credits : 3 (Theory)
Contact : Room #315 (CSE), Phone 82358

Important!: Keep and maintain a separate notebook for the tutorial class. Your performance in the tutorial class will be regularly monitored.
Class attendance is mandatory! Any time your attendance falls below 85%, you have 100% chance of being de-registered irrespective of your class performance, CGPA etc!

Attendance Policy

If you are not present in the class (or do not respond), when I call by your name (may be randomly or sequentially....surprise!), you will lose 1.5 credit (instead of one) for the attendance for that week. If that happens twice in a week, you will be marked as absent for the entire week (i.e. you will lose all the three credits for attendance for that week).

Text Books (Theory & Lab):

[1] Silberschatz, Galvin, Gagne, Operating System Principles, Wiley India Pvt Ltd.
[2] Andrew S. Tanenbaum, Modern Operating Systems, Prentice-Hall.

[3] Stalling, William, Operating Systems, Maxwell McMillan International Editions.

[4] Dietel H. N., An Introduction to Operating Systems, Addison Wesle.

[5] Maurice J. Bach, The Design of the UNIX Operating System, Prentice-Hall, 1986.  

[6] Richard Stevens, Unix Network Programming, Volume 2, Second Edition: Interprocess Communications, Prentice Hall.


Teacher's Assessment : 20 (Tutorial, Scribe, Class Test)
Mid-sem : 30
End-sem : 50


Slides just contain very informal outlines of the topics; details will be discussed in the class.
1. Introduction.
2. Process Management.
3. Memory Management.
4. File Management.
5. Disk Management.

Class Notes (Scribes)

Laboratory (CS39002)

General Information

Lab venue and time : Software Lab (CSE), MON (13.30-16.30)
Lab Tutorial : CSE-119, MON (14.00-16.00)
Units : 3-0-2
Credits : 2 (Lab)
In case of lab assignment submission, code plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Once identified, you will get ZERO for all the preceding lab submissions without ANY further consideration.
Slides just contain very informal outlines of the code and concepts; details will be discussed in the class.

Study Materials

1. Process
2. Interprocess Communication
3. Message Queue
4. Semaphore
5. Shared memory
6. Threads

Lab Assignments

1. 14.01.2015 - Assignment 1
2. 23.01.2015 - Assignment 2(a)
3. 30.01.2015 - Assignment 2(b)
4. 09.02.2015 - Assignment 3(a)
5. 09.02.2015 - Assignment 3(b)
6. 27.02.2015 - Assignment 4
7. 09.03.2015 - Assignment 5, Sample output
8. 26.03.2015 - Assignment 6
9. 06.04.2015 - Assignment 7
10. 10.04.2015 - Assignment 8