Communication Empowerment Laboratory

The aim of the Communication Empowerment Laboratory is to develop technology and products facilitating communication across communities, empowering people to reach out in new ways. Some representative projects of the laboratory include augmentative and Assistive Communication (AAC) devices for people with multiple disabilities (such as the speech impaired, people with Cerebral Palsy), multilingual communication tools for neo-literates, computer interfaces for the blind, offline internet access for schoolchildren in remote areas.

Web-site for the lab

Computing Systems Laboratory

This is a supplement to the Software Laboratory. This also hosts many FPGA-based design kits.

Embedded Systems Laboratory

This is currently geared to research in hardware design of cryptographic, networking and security protocols.

GM-IITKGP Collaborative Research Laboratory

This laboratory was set up in 2008 for conducting collaborative research with General Motors, India Science Lab, Bangalore in the areas of vehicle electronics, control and software. The current focus is on system and software architectures, software development, verification and validation for high-integrity software, vehicle systems health monitoring, and communication and security in networking.

Hardware Laboratory

The department has a state-of-the-art Hardware Laboratory which supports a large number of undergraduate laboratory courses on Computer Organization and Architecture.

Networks Laboratory

The current focus of this laboratory is on hardware and software developments in the areas of cryptology, computer system security, and network security.

Software Laboratory

The software lab has a large number of servers and workstations from Intel, Sun, IBM, DEC, HP, and Compaq, running various OS's such as Solaris, AIX, Linux, Ultrix, and Windows. A large number of PC's and IBM thin clients provide access to the servers. All machines are connected to the Gigabit Ethernet backbone of IIT Kharagpur, which is connected by one 2 Mbps and one 5 Mbps link to the Internet. The Software Lab is open nearly 24 hours a day for student/faculty access and is managed by experienced and dedicated staff.

Telemedicine Laboratory

This laboratory supported by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT), Govt. of India, aims at developing low-cost telemedicine software.

Web-site for the lab

VLSI Laboratories

A DOE sponsored VLSI Resource Center strengthens the department's active undergraduate and postgraduate research programs in VLSI design. The center is available for students to actively collaborate with faculty in the area of VLSI research.

IIT Alumni and five Industry leaders came up with a visionary proposal to set up a state of the art Advanced VLSI Design Laboratory in Kharagpur. The aim is to achieve excellence in design and research using latest technology at the global level and produce trained professional manpower for the industry. This laboratory has latest set of computers, CAD Tools, test equipment and fabrication libraries at 1.2um, 0.25um and 0.18um CMOS and 1.5um, 0.5um, 0.25um BiCMOS technologies. Such a sophisticated facility is not available in any other academic institute in India.

Web-site for the Advanced VLSI Design Lab