Faculty listing

 NameDesignationPhD  Office  PhoneE-mail  Quarter  Other info
  Basu Anupam P IIT(Kgp) 125  283462   283463   277708  anupam A-82 Personal webpage
  Research areas: Speech and language processing, embedded systems, assistive technology.
  Bhattacharya Sourangshu ARP IISc(Blr) 304  282364        sourangshu 2BR-112 Personal webpage
  Research areas: Machine learning, large scale optimization, bioinformatics, computer vision, text mining.
  Bhowmick Partha AP ISI(Cal) 203  283468   283469     pb 2BRF-2 Personal webpage
  Research areas: Digital geometry, image processing, approximate pattern matching, biometrics, shape analysis.
  Biswas Goutam SRA 207  281910   283495   277399  goutam A-36 Personal webpage
  Research areas: Theoretical computer science, compilers.
  Chakrabarti Partha Pratim P IIT(Kgp) 101  283466   283467   277932  ppchak A-5 Personal webpage
  Research areas: Artificial Intelligence, CAD for VLSI, Algorithms, Formal Verification.
  Chakraborty Rajat Subhra ARP Case Western 312  281792   250793     rschakraborty B-220/2BR Personal webpage
  Research areas: Hardware Security, VLSI Design, Digital Content Protection Through Watermarking.
  Das Abhijit AP IISc(Blr) 123  282350   282351     abhij B-217 Personal webpage
  Research areas: Cryptography, algebraic and number theoretic computation.
  Das Partha Pratim P IIT(Kgp) 122  281998   281999     ppd B-146 Personal webpage
  Research areas: Object-oriented analysis and design, software engineering, image processing, digital geometry, electronic design automation.
  Dasgupta Pallab P IIT(Kgp) 209  283470   283471   278710  pallab A-124 Personal webpage
  Research areas: Formal verification, CAD for VLSI, artificial intelligence.
  Dey Partha Sarathi L 110  283474      263436  psd Personal webpage
  Research areas: Digital logic design, data structures, computer organization and architecture.
  Dey Soumyajit ARP IIT(Kgp) 306  282348        soumya 2BR-102 Personal webpage
  Research areas: Formal methods in system design, computer architecture, assistive technologies.
  Ganguly Niloy AP BESU 313  283460   283461     niloy B-59 Personal webpage
  Research areas: Peer-to-peer networks, complex network theory, social network modelling.
  Ghose Sujoy P IIT(Kgp) 210  283478   283479   277692  sujoy A-74 Institute webpage
  Research areas: Networks, algorithms, artificial intelligence, information systems.
  Goyal Pawan ARP Ulster(UK) 308  282370        pawang BF-2/11 Personal webpage
  Research areas: Computational Linguistics, Information Retrieval, Digital Humanities, Semantic Computing.
  Gupta Arobinda
  (jointly with SIT)
P Iowa 301  283476   283477     agupta A-97 Personal webpage
  Research areas: Distributed systems, fault tolerance, adaptive systems.
  Kumar Rajeev P Sheffield 112  283464   283465   277653  rkumar B-250 Personal webpage
  Research areas: Software Engineering, Programming languages, Object Oriented Computing, Evolutionary Algorithms.
  Majumdar Arun Kumar P CU,
211  283480   283481   277690  akmj A-63 Personal webpage
  Research areas: Data and knowledge based systems, medical informatics, design automation.
  Mall Rajib P IISc(Blr) 127  283482   283483     rajib B-174 Personal webpage
  Research areas: Software engineering, real-time systems.
  Mandal Chittaranjan
  (jointly with SIT)
P IIT(Kgp),
114  283498   283499     chitta B-24 Personal webpage
  Research areas: Digital system synthesis, Internet technologies, VLSI, system verification.
  Mitra Bivas ARP IIT(Kgp) 315  282358   282359     bivas 2BR-99 Personal webpage
  Research areas: Technological network modeling, complex and dynamic networks, interdependent networks, mobile networks.
  Mitra Pabitra AP ISI(Cal) 310  282356      256315  pabitra Personal webpage
  Research areas: Machine learning, data mining, artificial intelligence.
  Mitra Pralay ARP IISc(Blr) 305  282344        pralay 2BR-107 Personal webpage
  Research areas: Computational biology, bioinformatics.
  Mukherjee Animesh ARP IIT(Kgp) 102  283472   283473     animeshm C1-159 Personal webpage
  Research areas: Complex systems, language dynamics, social computation, web social media.
  Mukhopadhyay Debdeep AP IIT(Kgp) 311  282352   282353     debdeep B-265 Personal webpage
  Research areas: Cryptography, VLSI, cellular automata.
  Mukhopadhyay Jayanta P IIT(Kgp) 201  283484   283485   277160  jay A-52 Personal webpage
  Research areas: Image processing, computer vision, pattern recognition, medical informatics.
  Pal Ajit P CU 111  283486   283487   278612  apal A-25 Personal webpage
  Research areas: VLSI, embedded systems, networking.
  Pal Sudebkumar Prasant P IISc(Blr) 322  283488   283489   277770  spp A-135 Personal webpage
  Research areas: Design and analysis of algorithms, computational and combinatorial geometry, computational complexity, quantum information processing.
  Roychaudhury Dipanwita P IIT(Kgp) 202  283490   283497     drc A-15 Personal webpage
  Research areas: Cellular automata, VLSI design and testing, cryptography and network security.
  Sarkar Dipankar P IIT(Kgp) 115  283492   283493   277908  ds B-131 Personal webpage
  Research areas: Formal verification, symbolic logic and automated reasoning.
  Sarkar Sudeshna P IIT(Kgp) 113  283494   283495   277399  sudeshna A-36 Personal webpage
  Research areas: Artificial intelligence, machine learning, information retrieval, natural language processing.
  Sengupta Indranil P CU 314  283496   283497     isg A-15 Personal webpage
  Research areas: VLSI design and testing, cryptography and network security, mobile computing.
Designation codes P = Professor, AP = Associate Professor, ARP = Assistant Professor,
L = Lecturer, SRA = Senior Research Assistant.
Area codeAdd +91-3222- before all these phone numbers.
Domain nameAppend @cse.iitkgp.ernet.in to all these e-mail addresses.

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