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 I have joined The University of Texas at Austin (UTAustin) as a PhD student since Aug 2014. Please find my new webpage here.

I am currently a PhD student at CS, UTAustin working under the supervision of Prof. Lili Qiu. I was an M.S. scholar of Department of C.S.E., IITKgp, working under the supervision of Prof. Niloy Ganguly and a member of CNeRG.

I was working on localization using mobile sensors with some advice from Prof. Romit Roy Choudhury. I am also working on mobile energy related problem with some active help from Prof. Pradipta De.

My detailed CV is found here.

Mail me @ swadhin@utexas.edu and if emergency, call me @ +1-7372228807.


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"Listen up, maggots. You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You're the same decaying organic matter as everything else."

Tyler Durden, Fight Club, 1999.

Recent Updates

  • Paper accepted @ IBM I-CARE ...
  • Paper published @ ACM CellNet Workshop
    co-located with ACM Mobisys '13 ....
  • Crawled ESPNCricinfo Test Cricket Match Data ( in Raw HTML ) [Mail me for further info]...
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    Academic Profile


    • MS ( by Research ) in Computer Science and Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (Expected:2014). CGPA : 9.87/10 (till Last Semester).

      • Thesis (tentative) : Effect of Context on Mobile Systems
      • TAships : Discrete Structures (CS60051) , Distributed Systems (CS60030) , and Programming Data Structure Lab (CS19001).
      • Graduate Courses Taken : Algorithm Design and Analysis (CS60003) , Information Retrieval (CS60080) , Complex Networks (CS60078), and Machine Learning (CS60050).

    • B.E.(honors) in Information Technology at Jadavpur University, 2011. CGPA : 9.45/10.

    • 85.4% in Higher Secondary Examination, W.B.C.H.S.E, Jodhpur Park Boys' School, 2007.

    • 93.13% in Secondary Examination, W.B.B.S.E, Baita M.N. High School, 2005. Topped District.

    Honors and Awards

    • Got University Gold Medal for standing First in the Department of Information Technology, Jadavpur University.
    • Ranked 692 (top 1%) in W.B.J.E.E. and also placed within top 1% in A.I.E.E.E.
    • Topped District and ranked 39 in the state in Secondary ( Madhyamik ) Examination.
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    Research Journey

    Research Focus

    I am working as a Junior Research Fellow(JRF) in the Complex Network Research Group (CNeRG) Laboratory and am interested in the areas of networking and mobile computing in general. My research methodology combines building experimental systems/prototypes based on some theoretical insights or plain good idea. I am directly involved with the problems handling the following issues :
    1. Mobile Energy ( Ongoing )
    2. Mobile Sensor based Localization (Outcome : Landmark based Retail Analytics )
    3. Content Distribution over Wireless Network ( Outcome : Sprinkler )
    4. Security using Daily Activity ( Outcome : ActivPass , SocioSecure )


    Part-time Projects

    • A Browser Extension for Suggesting Search Trails :
      • GitHub Link : Here
      • Showcased in Yahoo Hack U, IIT Kharagpur, 2013.

    • A Simple Tweet Classification Framework using libsvm :
      • GitHub Link : Here
      • Showcased in Twitminer, IISC, 2013.

    • A P2P File Sharing System :
      • GitHub Link : Here
      • Done as a Term Project.

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    Professional Details

    Full-time Job

    • Software Engineer ( E3 ) :
      • Organisation : Interra Systems India Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata.
      • Duration : Eight Months ( May 2011 - January 2012 ).
      • Highlights : Extensively contributed in a data format viewer GUI tool Mirus3G. Was involved in all stages of the product.


    • Development of a C++ Template Library :
      • Organisation : Interra Systems India Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata.
      • Duration : Six Months ( September 2010 - February 2011 ).
      • Highlights : Learned building industry level library with template support. It resulted in a pre-placement offer(PPO) from the company.

    • Development of a framework in NS2 to implement heterogeneous networks :
      • Organisation : IIT Kharagpur, Kharagpur.
      • Duration : Three Months ( May 2010 - July 2010 ).
      • Highlights : Gained experience to handle research problems and to develop lab prototypes for simulation purpose.

    • Development of a SWIG interface for Python :
      • Organisation : Interra Systems India Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata.
      • Duration : Three Months ( June 2009 - August 2009 ).
      • Highlights : Learned building code following SDLC. My code was integrated in the existing code base of company's IPs and shipped to the customers.

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    Other Side

    Hobbies and Interests

    • I love to occasionaly write Bengali Poems. One sample which got published in our Hall Magazine.
      You can also read some of it in my blog.

    • I also love to be photographer sometimes. Some of the attempts are here and here.

    • I am a movie-buff. My list of top 10 all time movies is here.

    • Like most Indian, I am a cricket fanatic. By the way, I also play a bit. I am a fast bowling all-rounder and played college cricket for a while. A snap of mine with the team, after winning a match at Research Scholars' Premier League, IIT Kgp.


    • Served as a hall coordinator in Student Welfare Group (2012-13) , IIT Kharagpur.

    • Successfully organised Srijan '10, Annual Techfest of Jadavpur University.

    • Served as a volunteer in Teach India '09 and taught underprivileged children for twelve weeks in an NGO at Kolkata, WB, India.

    • Ranked 2nd in a Robotics event of Srijan '09, Annual Techfest of Jadavpur University.
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    Official Story

    My Latest CV is found Here. Latex Source Code of the CV found Here :)

    Random Moments

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    Contact Information

    Permanent Address

    Swadhin Pradhan
    Flat No. - A2, 1st Floor, Ramoni Apartment,
    A/6, P.G. Survey Park, Santoshpur,
    Kolkata - 700075, West Bengal, India.

    Email: swadhinjeet88@gmail.com
    School Email: swadhin.pradhan@cse.iitkgp.ernet.in

    Mailing Address

    Swadhin Pradhan
    Room No. -319, CNeRG,
    Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
    Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, Kharagpur,
    PIN - 721302, West Bengal, India.

    Phone (Primary): +91-9051423664
    Phone (Secondary): +91-9474615151
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