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April 04 2017 MPTCP work accepted as poster at ACM Mobihoc 2017. The paper is here. We have shown that selection of primary path has a significant impact on MPTCP performance.

March 28 2017: UDAT paper accepted as poster at IEEE MDM 2017. We have explored the daily activity patterns of people and shown that such patterns are unique to individuals many a times.

11 November 2016 MoviDiff and Flipper papers got accepted at IFIP/IEEE IM 2017 (Mini Conference Track)

13 August 2016 FairHT-MAC paper accepted at ACM MSWiM 2016 (Poster)

26 July 2016 BanditLink paper accepted at IEEE LCN 2016

My Research Updates

My research interest spans the domain of wireless networks, mobile computing and distributed computing. I am particularly interested in system development for communication ranging from broadband wireless to smart city communication. We are living in the era of small handheld devices where wireless communication is a primary requirement.

The major problem in wireless communication is that everyting is open to all. Consider you are talking in a free space. Everyone around you can hear the message. This imposes immense challenges when a group of people wants to talk with each other. If everyone starts talking simultaneously, it results in a big noise,and no one can understand what the other is talking about. Further, think if you want to share some secreat messages, what can be the scenario! Remember, you can only talk and nothing else!

So as is the scenario for wireless communication. There are several open challenges that require system level engineering. I love to travel in this research space. Drop a mail for me if you want to work with me. Remember to share your ideas in brief with the mail. If your idea is novel, you can expect a quick reply.

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