Here are some of my selected papers

  • Bisecting and D-secting families for set systems, with Niranjan Balachandran, Tapas Kumar Mishra, and Sudebkumar Prasant Pal, Discrete Applied Mathematics, 2017.

  • Separation dimension of bounded degree graphs, with Noga Alon, Manu Basavaraju, L. Sunil Chandran, and Deepak Rajendraprasad, SIAM Journal of Discrete Mathematics, 2015

  • Boxicity and Cubicity of Cartesian Products, with L. Sunil Chandran, and Deepak Rajendraprasad, European Journal of Combinatorics, 2015

  • Cubicity, Degeneracy, and Crossing Number, with Abhijin Adiga, L. Sunil Chandran, European Journal of Combinatorics, 2014

  • A Dirac-type Characterization of k-chordal Graphs, with R. Krithika, N. S. Narayanaswamy and N. Sadagopan, Discrete Mathematics, 2013

  • Chordal Bipartite Graphs with High Boxicity, with L. Sunil Chandran, Mathew C. Francis, Graphs and Combinatorics, 2011

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