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Journals on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics [List]

We are interested in realizing the biological phenomenon thourgh computational and experimental techniques. The focus is on developing new computational algorithms and tools for biological and clinical investigators.

Protein Interaction Modeling

The correct biological association of a protein molecule with another is the key to understand the function of a protein complex. We aim to develop efficient and effective computational methods to predict protein interaction as an alternative of experimental methods like X-Ray crystallography or NMR.

Protein Interaction Network

Designing or modeling the function of a protein at the macromolecular level is incomplete without a wholistic view of the total interaction map. Representing a protein as a vertex and their interaction as an edge of the graph we develop methods to infer the role of a protein from global perspective.

Protein Design and stability analysis

The design and engineering of proteins is readily transforming our lives to include new medicines and opens new avenues in industrial research. We aspire to develop protein design tools that could probe for the novel protein sequences with altered binding affinity.

Whole Cell Modeling

Is it possible for us to simulate a whole cell? We are searching for an answer.
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