Digital Carving


Piyush Kanti Bhunre and Partha Bhowmick, Carve in, carve out: a bimodal carving through voxelization and functional partitioning, The Visual Computer, Vol. 34, pp. 1009-1019 (2018).


We propose a novel technique for pattern-guided carving on an orientable 2-manifold surface. Its novelty lies in processing the surface in voxel space using certain theories and deductions of digital geometry. The carving pipeline designed by us is bimodal in nature, as it can generate both negative and positive carvings by carve in and carve out alongside the specified pattern. The 2D pattern is easily mapped to the 3D surface, as we consider the thinnest voxelized model. We perform functional partition of the voxelized surface and use a local optimization with these components in order to achieve a realistic carving. Necessary theoretical foundations, implementation details, and experimental results establish the merit of the proposed technique.

Algo in a nutshell

2D pattern ↦ pattern map on voxelized surface ↦ carving!

Chiseling styles

Different chiseling styles are obtained by appropriate parameter setting in a canonical equation, as shown by the following results.
Same pattern is used with negative and positive carvings.