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pallab dasgupta
Cohesive Coverage Management  

Cohesive Coverage Management Leveraging Formal Test Plans
Artitra Hazra, Pallab Dasgupta, P.P. Chakrabarti, Lambert Academic Publishing, 2012

This monograph prescribes an emerging style of verification for digital integrated circuits and reports work done with Synopsys. Primarily developed out of the MS thesis of Aritra Hazra.

a roadmap for FPV  

A Roadmap for Formal Property Verification
Pallab Dasgupta, Springer, 2006.

This single author monograph articulates the early contributions of the nominee in the area of formal property verification.



Multi-objective Heuristic Search.
Pallab Dasgupta, P.P. Chakrabarti, S.C. DeSarkar,
Vieweg Verlag, Germany, 1999.

This monograph was developed out of the first six chapters of the nominee's PhD thesis.


  Books Chapters:  
Sl. No. Books Chapters Author Publisher, Year

01 Formal Assurance of Signaling Safety -- A
Railways Perspective
Book Title: In Handbook of Research on
Emerging Innovations in Rail Transportation
Pallab Dasgupta
Mahesh Mangal
IGI Global, 2016
(Electronically available)
02 Early Time Budgeting for Component-Based
Embedded Control Systems.
Book Title: Embedded Systems Development
Ed: A. S-Vincentelli, H. Zeng, M.Di-Natale,
Manoj J Dixit,
S. Ramesh,
Pallab Dasgupta
Springer, 2014
(Electronically available)
03 Can Semi-Formal be made more Formal?
Book Title: Next Generation Design and
Verification Methodologies for Distributed
Embedded Control Systems.
Ed: S.Ramesh, P.Sampath.
Ansuman Banerjee,
Pallab Dasgupta,
P.P. Chakrabarti
Springer, 2007
04 Agent Searching.
Book Title: Computational Mathematics,
Modelling and Algorithms, , 397-444.
Multiobjective Heuristic Search
Pallab Dasgupta,
P.P. Chakrabarti,
Narosa Publishing House, 1999

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