Madhumita Mallick

Hi! I am Madhumita. I am a PhD student under Dr. Niloy Gaguly in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur from July, 2015. My research interests lie in the field of Internet of Things and Mobile Computing.

Activity Recognition in Smart Homes

Human activity detection in IoT enabled smart homes is a potentially powerful tool in modern health-care. Once detected, these activities of daily living (ADLs) can be used to derive indicators of a person’s well-being and thus provide remote health monitoring.

Storage Optimization in Smart Homes

In IoT, there are a large number of perception devices that continuously and automatically collect information, leading to a rapid expansion in data scale. In order to manage such huge data scale, we try to focus on efficient management of storage space by leveraging the different properties of internet of things.



 Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (Jul - Sep. 2016)

 Interniship Focus : IoT – Data gradation and its implementation using persistent memory-aware filesystems.

 IBM Research India (May – Jul. 2015)

 Interniship Focus : IoT – Activity Recognition in smart home sensor streams.

 Technische Universität Dresden (Jun – Jul. 2014)

 Interniship Focus : P2P Networks - Energy efficient content distribution models in Collaborative Download.


  • Teaching Assistant, Programming and Data Structure Lab (Autumn, Spring - 2014)
  • Teaching Assistant, CS 30002 - Operating Systems Therory and Lab(Spring, 2015)


 Demultiplexing activities of daily living in IoT enabled smart homes, Palanivel Kodeswaran, Ravi Kokku, Madhumita Mallick, Sayandeep Sen, In Proc. IEEE INFOCOM 2016 (link)

 "SleepSensei: An Automated Sleep Quality Monitor and Sleep Duration Estimator", Amrith Krishna, Madhumita Mallick, Bivas Mitra, In Proc. 1st Workshop on IoT enabled Healthcare and Wellness Technologies and Systems (Jointly organized with ACM Mobisys 2016).(link)

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