I would like to elaborate my proposal with the help of some images which I have attached. Please do take a look and give suggestions to build it up as a potential Summer of code project.

1. A new menu option "See file Share is added to the popup menu of each buddy.


2. This option if selected will open a window showing the files shared by the selected buddy.


3. The user has the option to copy the file to his system via the built in file transfer functionality.


4. We might also give the user options to play media like audios and videos via the built in Video and Audio Call functionality.

5. The file share information can be shared via the use of special format text recognized by the pidgin client.

6. Thus, we have an Ad-hoc file sync facility built into our chat clients. We have the freedom to access our files from anywhere and also allow others to view some selected files.

7. Security may be built by putting a password for viewing the file share.

Thanks in advance,
Ashish Shubham.