AI and Ethics (CS60016)

Spring Semester 2022

Sponsored by the Google Tensorflow Award

Instructor: Animesh Mukherjee (animeshm[AT]cse[DOT]iitkgp[DOT]ac[DOT]in)

Teaching Assistant: Punyajoy Saha, Sayantan Adak, Siddharth Jaiswal; Contact:

Class Timings: WED (12:00-12:55), THU (11:00-11:55), FRI (09:00-09:55)
Location: Online
Office of the Instructor: Room 121, CSE

Books (I will not follow any textbook in this course! But you can use some of the books below as references)
  1. The Ethical Algorithm: The Science of Socially Aware Algorithm Design by Aaron Roth and Michael Kearns
  2. Rebooting AI: Building Artificial Intelligence We Can Trust by Ernest Davis and Gary Marcus
  3. Human Compatible: AI and the Problem of Control by Stuart J. Russell
  4. Towards a Code of Ethics for Artificial Intelligence by Paula Boddington
  5. Moral machines by Wendell Wallach
  6. AI Ethics by Mark Coeckelbergh

Course Rules
  1. There will be no formal attendance taken. However if I find that the class strength is dropping drastically, I shall revert to taking regular attendance.
  2. From time to time we shall have games, quizzes and exciting guest lectures.

Marks Division
  1. Continuous assessment: 60%
  2. Term project: 40%
Course Outline (to be updated)
  1. Introduction
  2. Bias and Fairness in ML
    1. Motivation: The ProPublica case study
    2. Motivation: The Gender Shades case study
    3. Basic Definitions: 1, Basic Definitions: 2
    4. Fairness of classification algorithms: Handling Disparate Treatment/Disparate Impact
    5. Fair Embeddings
  3. Content Governance
    1. Discrimination through optimization
    2. Fake news (basics)
    3. Fake news detection (style-based)
    4. Fake news (propagation-based)
    5. Spread of hate content
    6. Countering hate speech
  4. Explainable models
  5. Media Bias
    1. Fairness and balance in prestige press
    2. Media bias monitor
  6. Guest Lectures
    1. Srijan Kumar, Georgia Tech. Title: Advances in AI for Cyber-Safety.
    2. Kiran Garimella, Rutgers. Title: Content moderation on encrypted platforms.
    3. Juhi Kularestha, University of Konstanz. Title: Auditing online information retrieval algorithms & ethics.