I am Abhijit Mondal, a research scholar in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Indian Institute of Techonology. My research area is broadly focused on Wireless Networks under the supervision of Prof Sandip Chakraborty. I am also a part of research group CNeRG.


From my childhood, science always impresses me. In school, I used to love Physics and Math. When I came to know about the computer, it fascinated me. So, I join Computer Science in my undergrad. It always fascinates me how simple logic control this electronic mess. Most of the time, there is some very complicated theory behind each component of the computer (practical or theory). However, the outcome is simple. Then I came across Computer Networks as it was a subject in my course. It explains how all the devices in the geo connected. It is one of the most exciting fields in the area of computer science. The physical layer is the most important and probably the most intricate part of any network. However, it provides communication between two directly connected devices while other layers and protocols are needed to form a network, an internet (network or networks) and the Internet.

Research work

I am currently working with two broad topics. This are 1) Multimedia and 2) Network Protocols.

Network Protocols


The nature of Internet traffic has changed dramatically within the last few years, where a large volume of traffic is originated from mobile applications (known as apps), web based multimedia streaming, computation offloading like cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT) etc. These types applications generate multiple parallel short lived end-to-end connections. However, the three major requirements of todays’ end-to-end traffic over the Internet, such as (a) support for mobility of devices, (b) capacity improvement through multi-path end-to-end transmissions, and (c) support for short-lived parallel connections, are not substantiated through the widely-deployed transmission control protocol (TCP). Further, the recent developments of multi-path TCP (MPTCP) as well as User Datagram Protocol (UDP) based Google’s Quick UDP Internet Connections (QUIC) also fail to support all the above three requirements. As a consequence, in this paper, we develop a new end-to-end transmission protocol, called Viscous, to support the above three requirements over the Internet. Viscous is developed as a wrapper between the application and the transport layer, that works on top of the UDP and supports end-to-end reliability as well as congestion control while transmitting short-lived flows over multiple end-to-end paths. We introduce a number of novel concepts at Viscous, such as parallel and sequential flow multiplexing, decoupling of flow and congestion control etc. to overcome the problems associated with the current transport protocols. Viscous has been implemented and tested over a variety of environments, and we observe that it can significantly boost up the performance of the end-to-end data transmission compared to TCP, MPTCP and QUIC.


Research in multimedia with computer network mainly involved streaming services. Streaming services are gaining popularity every day. Few examples are YouTube, Netflix, Skype. There are three types of online streaming services: 1) On-demand (YouTube), ii) Live (YouTube Live) and iii) Interactive (Skype). These three streaming systems have a different kind of problems. Research problem related to video streaming system can be categorized in two ways in computer networking viewpoint. They are i) media delivery system/protocol ii) traffic pattern analysis. In our research group (CNeRG), Currently, there are few projects going on.


Candid with YouTube: Adaptive Streaming Behavior and Implications on Data Consumption

Abhijit Mondal, Satadal Sengupta, B.R. Reddy, M.J.V. Koundinya, Chander G., Pradipta De, Niloy Ganguly, Sandip Chakraborty

NOSSDAV'17 - ACM SIGMM Workshop on Network and Operating Systems Support for Digital Audio and Video

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Viscous: An End to End Protocol for Ubiquitous Communication Over Internet of Everything

Abhijit Mondal, Sourav Bhattacharjee, Sandip Chakraborty

LCN'17 - IEEE Conference on Local ComputerNetworks

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