Research students

PhD students

4.  Sabyasachi Karati
Thesis title: Batch verification of elliptic curve and Edwards curve digital signatures
Co-supervisor: None
Date: 2015

3.  Vivekananda Bhat K
Thesis title: Digital watermarking of audio signals using quantization
Co-supervisor: Indranil Sen Gupta
Date: 2010

2.  Ashok Kumar Das
Thesis title: Design and analysis of key distribution mechanisms in wireless sensor networks
Co-supervisor: Indranil Sen Gupta
Date: 2008

1.  Debasis Giri
Thesis title: Cryptanalysis and improvement of protocols for digital signature, smart-card authentication and access control
Co-supervisor: P D Srivastava
Date: 2008

MS students

4.  Binanda Sengupta
Area: SIMD-based implementations of sieving in integer-factoring algorithms
Co-supervisor: None
Joined in: 2010

3.  Satrajit Ghosh
Area: Algebraic cryptanalysis of block ciphers
Co-supervisor: None
Joined in: 2008

2.  Anup Kumar Bhattacharya
Area: Software implementation of pairing on elliptic curves over finite fields
Co-supervisor: Dipanwita Roy Choudhury
Joined in: 2008

1.  Souvik Bhattacherjee
Thesis title: Parallel and distributed implementations of the Lanczos sparse system solver over large prime fields
Co-supervisor: None
Date: 2011